NOVA’s Strongest Woman

Mark your calendars!   We are thrilled to announce that registration is open for NOVA’s Strongest Woman! The action starts at 10am on March 22nd!





Divisions: Light Weight Novice (<140), Heavy Weight Novice (141+), Light Weight Open (<140), Middle Weight Open (141-165), HeavyWeight Open (166+)  (NAS membership required of all contestants)



1.     Pressing Medley: Log (8”), Axle (C&P), DB (one arm), Barbell (C&P) – for time

–       75 second time cap

–       must be done in order

–       equipment allowed: belts, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, chalk

LWN: 85#, 95#, 40#, 105# HWN: 105#, 115#, 50#, 115# LW: 105#, 115#, 50#, 115# MW: 120#, 130#, 60#, 130# HW: 135#, 145#, 70#, 145#

2.     Car Deadlift – max reps in 60 seconds

–       no suits allowed

–       wait for down command

–       equipment allowed: wrist straps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, chalk, belt

All weight classes: TBD

3.     Yoke walk – 120’ for time (walk 60’ repick walk back 60’)

–       60 second time cap

–       equipment allowed: belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk

–       one drop (in addition to the repick) allowed

–       2 second slide penalty

LWN: 200# HWN: 330# LW: 330# MW: 380# HW: 430#

4.     Farmers walk, tire flip medley: Farmer’s walk 40’, tire flips 40’

– 75 second time cap

– No drops allowed on farmers (any drops and it will be a zero for the event)

– 2 second slide penalty for tire flip

– tire must cross the finish line

– equipment allowed: belt, chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, tacky towel (must be applied after farmer’s is completed)

LWN: 100 per hand, 300# tire HWN: 130 per hand, 300# tire LW: 130 per hand, 300# tire MW: 150 per hand, 300 tire HW: 170 per hand, 500# tire

5.     Stone over bar: max reps in 60 seconds

–       Belt must be towards back

–       Can’t rest stone on belt

–       Equipment allowed: belt (to the back), tacky

LWN: 80# stone to 48” HWN: 130# stone to 48” LW: 130# stone to 48” MW: 150# stone to 48” HW: 170# stone to 48”

Awards: 1st-3rd in each division will receive awards

Entry Fee: $60.00 (NAS cards may be purchased or renewed the day of the event)

Entry Deadline: Friday March 7th 2014


Happy Monday!
Mobility & Dynamic Warm Up
Power Clean & Jerk: 3 x 3 sets
(complete 2-3 warm up sets in addition, rest 2 min)
Box jumps x 5 x 3 sets
(Use highest box possible, stack rubber plates if needed, rest 1 min between sets)
AMRAP 15 minutes
20 plyo push ups
15 KB swings (16/20kg)
10 T2B
Rest 30 seconds between rounds
glute ham raises x 10-15 x 2-3 sets

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Whole Life Challenge baseline workout

11 minute cap to perform
800m run or 1,000m row
75 air squats
50 sit ups
25 push ups
Burpees for remainder of time


Mobility & Dynamic Warm – Up

Plank drop sets x 2 rounds*
Beginner- 45lbs x 20 seconds, 25 lbs x 20 seconds, BW x 20 seconds
Intermediate- 70lbs x 20 seconds, 45lbs x 20 seconds, BW x 20 seconds
Advanced- 90lbs x 20 seconds, 70lbs x 20 seconds, 45 seconds x 20 seconds
Rest 2 min between
ME Back extension plank holds x 3 sets
Rest 2 min between

5 Rounds
500m Row (sprint)
Rest twice as long as it took you to complete the 500 M sprint (if it takes you 90 seconds rest 3 minutes before next sprint)

Accessory: (to be completed independently)
weighted butterfly sit ups x 10-15 reps x 3 sets (AHAP, ascend in weight if possible) rest 1-2 min between
Supermans x 50-70 total reps (can be broken down however you like)


See Something, Say Something!

Most things in life begin with awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes not knowing is nice and sometimes it really kicks you in the pants. BTW, did you know I spent 7+ years in NYC? As a post-9/11 NYer and now NOVA resident, “See Something, Say Something” is ingrained in me hard. I’m up in NYC and yesterday while riding the 2 train downtown, I watched a woman unwrap candy and toss the wrappers on the floor.–OK hold up. So, I moxied up and offered to hold her trash for her so it made it to the garbage.

The incident made me ponder the finer aspects of entitlement, self-awareness, and consciousness. Was she above cleaning up after herself? Was it someone else’s job? Was she even aware of how disrespectful her actions were, or is she so ingrained in her habit that it doesn’t even occur to her?

What kind of gnarly and unbecoming habits are we each blind to? Are we acting with thoughtful intention, or just doing? How often do we watch each other make crummy choices, silently observe and say nothing in an effort to not overstep?


Guess what? If I see something, I’m sayin’ something! I’m saying this to all my friends and family at NOVA:


It all starts with awareness, let’s get self aware and let’s help orient each other towards future success in and outside the gym.

If someone doesn’t put their bar or plates away–kindly let them know. Or lend a friendly hand, offer to help or pick them up if you are finished and help move everything along.

And, of course, I hope you’ll consider joining us in taking your intentional choices outside the gym by joining our team for the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE!


stay strong!






Dynamic Warm Up


Pull Ups x 4 sets

beginner- band assisted x 6-8 reps using lightest assistance possible

intermediate- BW x 5-10 reps

advanced- weigted x 3-5 reps

Rest 2 min between sets


Ring Dips x 3 sets

beginner- band assisted x 10-12 reps

intermediate- BW x 5-10 reps

advanced- weighted x 5-7 reps



100 ring rows

100 push ups

*row for calories


Athletes will be given 1 minute to perform as many reps as possible of each exercise. For the third minute the athlete will row for calories. Athletes will continue through this three minute cycle until 100 reps of both movements are complete. For example if in the first round the athlete gets 25 ring rows and 30 push ups they have 75 more ring rows and 70 push ups to complete.



Dynamic Warm Up and Mobility

Box Squats x 5r x 3s Rest 2 min between sets, ascend in weight (2 warm up sets of 7 and 4 reps)
“Running grace”
Sprint 800 Meters
Clean and Jerk x 30 reps (95/135, 65/95, 33/45)
Sprint 800 meters
Accessory core if time allows
ab wheel or barbell roll outs x 10-15 x 3 sets rest 1-2 min between
reverse hypers x 10-20 x 3 sets rest 1-2 min between