CrossFit WOD, 4.30.14

Mobility! Strength – Deadlift: 3×5 CrossFit WOD – For Time 21-15-9 DUs Lunges Weighted Sit Ups

CrossFit WOD, 4.29.14


Skill –
Kipping Pull Ups & Dips: practice

Crossfit WOD:
50 Pull Ups
50 Clean & Jerks (95/65, 65/45, 45/33)

Core: 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

CrossFit WOD, 4.28.14


Strength –
Front Squat: 5×5
Press: 3×3

Wod –
400 m warm up run
4x200m run
Walk back for recovery, at least 2 minutes rest.

CrossFit WOD, 4.24.14


Skill –
Vertical Jump

Crossfit Wod –
Complete 4 rounds:
100yd Farmer’s Walk – AHAP
Sprint 100m
Rest 120 seconds between efforts

CrossFit WOD, 4.23.14


Deadlift: 3×3

KB deadlift (53/35#)
KB swing
KB goblet squat
AMRAP 3 minutes
Wall Balls (20/14#)

Core: Seated Russian Twist – 3×20 with KB used for WOD

Real Strength

images-1In the Strength and Conditioning world, we talk an awful lot about physical strength. We factor our body weights and size and compare absolute strength vs relative strength and yammer endlessly about what matters more: technique or strength.  If you have a great mile time, you poo poo the athlete dragging ass behind you and while you’re squatting houses you smirk at that wispy runner squatting weenie weight.

But, tied with physical strength is mental strength and we all know how imperative believing you can move the weight is for success.  Perhaps the coolest thing about strength training is that we get to work on the outside and the inside at the same time. We all know that the battle is ultimately won within and that you have to have that iron mind full of self belief.   Who knows more about strength and self belief than THE MAN,Arnold!



I want to introduce you to someone else who blows me away with her will to win.  She is the embodiment of real strength and is the kind of woman that those goofy “Strong Mama” socks were made for.   Our dear friend, Heather, is sharing her story with the world and  you NEED to hear it.   Her struggle and unwavering strength is fortitude at its finest.  What a truly tremendous show of strength.  Please check out her story, like her page, and share it with the world.  She is taking strength to a WHOLE new level.