NOVA CrossFit, Friday, 7.1.2016, Springfield, VA


4 rounds not for time

10 Reverse Hypers or Back Extensions

10 DB Bent Over Row

10 Evil Wheels/ GHD Sit Up


10 minutes work up to todays heavy 5rm deadlift


5 – 100m sprints (SPRINT!!! rest the return walk and then some)

NOVA CrossFit, Thursday, 6.30.2016, Springfield, VA

Every 8 minutes, for 40 minutes (5 sets) of:

Run 800 Meters

21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

12 Pull-Ups

NOVA CrossFit, Wednesday, 6.29.2016, Springfield, VA


Front Squat: 3rm


3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

12 Deadlifts (225/155)

24 Lateral Jumps over barbell

NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 6.28.2016, Springfield, VA


Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):

Push Press x 1 rep

Build over the course of the 10 sets to today’s heavy.


For time:

Row 1000 Meters

50 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75 lbs)


Two or Three sets, not for time, of:

Bent-Over Barbell Row x 5-6 reps

Rest 45 seconds

V-Ups x 30 reps

Rest 45 seconds

NOVA CrossFit, Monday, 6.27.2016, Springfield, VA


Every 90 seconds, for 30 minutes (5 sets of each station):

Station 1 – 10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)

Station 2 – 10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95 lbs)

Station 3 – 10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Station 4 – 10 Overhead Reverse Lunges (135/95 lbs)


Three sets of:

Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold x 60 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Couch Stretch x 90 seconds each leg

Rest 30 seconds

NOVA CrossFit, Friday, 6.24.2016, Springfield, V.A.

Dynamic Warm Up



Teams of 2:

100 Burpees

100 Toes to Bar

100 Jumping Lunges

100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

100 Calorie Row

Partners divide up the work however they’d like to.

Is fear of failure stopping you from achieving your goals?

I don’t think I can put into words how often I hear statements like, “I can’t.  I’m not ready for that. I’m sorry for this or that.”
Do you worry that failing will change how others feel about you?
Perhaps you think you aren’t in good enough shape to work out with a group?
You don’t want to drag the group down or be the last one to finish everything. You’re not willing to risk that publicly and you’re certainly not going to pay for the privilege.
What if you changed your default response of ” I can’t” to ” I haven’t done that yet, but I can try.”
What if your whole concept of failure changed and you saw everything as an opportunity for feedback and redirection???? That maybe failure doesn’t really exist at all?
Here’s a piece of news for you: Failure doesn’t exist  and I have yet another piece of evidence to toss your way.
I got this email yesterday out of the crystal clear blue. You’ll note she FAILED to complete our boot camp.  She failed. We failed.  Or did we?
Now, Please read her email and tell me: Did anyone really fail at all?
——————–Hi Erin,
I was in one of your boot camps last fall, albeit briefly, I didn’t finish the program. I wanted to email you thanking you so much for the couple weeks I attended- they were so impactful. Since October I’ve lost 48lbs, and have gone from a size 14 to a size 8 pants. It’s been gradual, and healthy, and most importantly sustainable.
The exercise and eating right actually helped get me off of the anti-depressant I was taking- with doctor’s supervision. I was feeling so horrible and depressed, changing the way I literally lived made such a difference for me.
I’m happy and confident and not so anxious about life. I have the first hobby I’ve ever had- rock climbing! I’ve been climbing since December and it’s become a passion for me, I go several times a week and both Saturday and Sunday! Working out doesn’t feel like work, yoga feels like the fun thing to do on a Friday night.
I never thought I could be the person I wanted. Thanks for the kick start and education on common sense eating 🙂 I’m still amazed I had no idea sugar was a carb!
All you have to do is try.  If there’s a way I can help, I’m all about talking it through with you.
Give me a call–I’m serious. 703-268-4650
Is your workout building you up or tearing you down? Why you need to know what is in your protein.

Are your workouts building you up or tearing you down? (Why you need to know what’s in your protein)



A few minutes after the workout ends, we start to feel recovered, right?

But, at the cellular level, it takes hours and sometimes days to fully recover.

Here’s WHY we use and provide SFH products at NOVA:

SFH Recovery helps your tired and broken down muscles recover, maintain joint health, and flexibility while increasing your cells’ energy (ATP for the science folks out there). This helps you repair and build new muscle instead of working out with tired muscles tomorrow.

The best benefits to train better tomorrow is to take your protein within 30 minutes of exercise.

Is there cheaper protein on the market, heck yeah. Is it pure with nothing added?

For me, there’s two reasons why there’s no comparable product to SFH in the marketplace.

1. GMP certified facility–“Good manufacturing practices” means third party auditing, high quality products and practices, and enforced by the FDA. This is extremely rare for supplement brands and aligned with pharmaceutical company standards.

2. Grass fed cows. Minimally processed, antibiotic and hormone free. There’s no artificial fillers, binders, colors, or sweeteners.

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for a video on how this looks for on a random day in June.

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