NOVA Strength & Conditioning, Home of NOVA CrossFit, 06.07.16

NOVA Strength & Conditioning, Home of NOVA CrossFit, 06.07.16
June is ROMWOD Wednesday!!!  Join us at 6pm for the ROMWOD.
A drop in, who happened to be a masters athlete said to me ROMWOD changed his CrossFit journey.
That intrigued me.
Oh yeah? Do tell…
He proceeded, in my last year of CrossFit the only thing I have done differently is add ROMWOD.  With that, all my benchmarks and lifts have gone up.  I have improved mobility and stability, along with less general soreness and aches.  I can’t recommend ROMWOD enough.
With that, we decided to give it a go and so far so good.  So good that we feel it needs to be a priority.  Sadly, on a regular basis, people are coming in with minor aches, pains, soreness, mobility and stability issues.  In one hour we can’t address it all.  ROMWOD is one giant leap to addressing all the for mentioned.
Please, if available join us tomorrow night at 6pm for ROMWOD.
Warm Up
5 sets of:
Deadlift x 4-6 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Ring Push-Ups x max reps
(set complete once you’re no longer able to maintain a tempo)
Rest 2 minutes
*If on knees performing push ups, practice push ups off knees.
3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
20 Wall Ball Shots (14/20)