NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, 06.18.17

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Another fine week for Duma SN fitness with friends. Let’s get some.



Warm Up


Strength –
Back Squat: heavy single

100 DUs
50 sit ups
200m run
80 DUs
40 sit ups
60 DUs
30 sit ups
40 DUs
20 sit ups
20 DUs
10 sit ups

*3X singles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles….and maybe a Camel.


Traveling on trains and planes thru Italy and Morocco and can’t believe how many people are unable to lift their luggage into an overhead compartment by themselves. From the looks of it most just lack the strength to do so (easy fix, do some strength training), but a lot are just so tight that they can’t extend overhead with a heavy bag. A few things that will cause this:

1.) Tight shoulders (the obvious one) -most likely from too much sitting in a hunched forward position with the shoulders rolled forward/internally rotated.

2.) Lack of Thoracic Extension -the ability, or lack thereof, to extend or curve backward from the mid to upper back.

3.) Lack of Hip Extension (the less obvious one) – the inability to extend/open the hips, most likely from too much sitting and not enough stretching.

This one is often overlooked, “the hips are all the way down there, how could they effect my shoulder mobility?” To keep this post short let’s just remember the old rhyme “the hip bones connected to the…shoulder bone!” The body is an integrated system that works in concert. If the hips cannot extend properly, the spine then cannot extend fully, which inhibits the scapula’s ability to tilt backward during overhead motion. Which causes, you guessed it, shoulder immobility!

Lesson of the day, stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and don’t sit all the time!!