NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, 07.05.17


How often do you read a nutrition label and make a decision based on that information? I do it multiple times a day and I bet you do too.  I bet we both make the bold assumption that what the label  says is true and we don’t think twice about it.


How would you feel if something you were eating had 25% of what it claimed? Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie is facing a class action lawsuit over exactly  this. Attorneys independently had the cookies tested and they clock in at 4-9g of the claimed 16 g of protein.


I’m not sure we could ever say that Lenny and Larry’s was your best nutrition choice, regardless of protein amounts, but it really highlights our endorsement of supplement companies like SFH and their use of good manufacturing practices.


Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, so we dig it when a supplement company uses GMP certifications (good manufacturing practices). This means third party auditing, high quality products and practices, and enforced by the FDA. This is extremely rare for supplement brands and aligned with pharmaceutical company standards.  It adds substantial burdens and requires them to meet a much higher level of standards and allows us to trust but verify and know that what they say is in their products is truly there.

One thing to keep your house clean and quite another to have an auditor come check your baseboards, blinds, nooks and crannies etc. You get the idea.


So, if you’re a nut about what you put in your body, trying to understand the differences between brands and prices, or you just want to get what you paid for, know this: SFH rocks.  About Time does too.





NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, 07.05.17


Warm Up


Skill: Toes to Bar

For time:
800M run
3 Rounds of:
– 20 Alt. DB Box Step Ups (45#/25# and up the 24”/20″)
– 20 Toes to Bar
– 20 Hand Release Push Ups
800M run