NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Wednesday, 08.09.2017

Scarleth has been a member with us for over a year now and she has created a blog which speaks about her inspiring fitness journey in order to help others reach their goals. Scarleth started as a boot camper, transitioned into crossfit and has been kicking butt over the past few months! She just competed in her first RX competition at SUPERNOVA III and shared her experience on her blog. It’s a great read for those of you curious about jumping into Crossfit or even competing in the near future, highly recommended!!

Super Nova III: Handling The Pressures Of My First CrossFit RX Competition!

Hellooo! Hellooo! My beautiful souls! I hope your week is getting off to a good start!

For me this week started off with enjoying a two day rest from the gym. I used Sunday and yesterday (Monday) as a recovery day to recover from my SuperNova Trilogy competition (If you keep reading, I’ll talk about it shortly…don’t go away just yet).

To be honest, lately I have been testing out which days are best for me to work out and which days are best for me to rest. Reshuffling my days usually happen at the beginning of each season. This is because I am not a big fan of winter and I don’t do much then, but rather crawl in the comfort of my heater at home hahaha! –which allows me to be more flexible on working out pretty much any day versus in the summer when it’s my favorite season. I always have something to do and somewhere to be.

So, to have a balance with my fitness routine and having fun at the same time, I try to accommodate my days where it works best without having to stress out by missing one or the other.

Also, every other season our gym, Nova Crossfit, puts together an in-house, fun and friendly competition for our athletes at the gym. It’s called SuperNova! So, when this time arrives, I change up my training days to be able to train more and get ready for that day.

Super Nova was born last year, summer 2016, bringing athletes from various levels together to have fun, get to know each other, and partake in a friendly in-house competition. A competition that was designed to motivate us, to push past our comfort zone, to help showcase what we’ve learned in the gym, as well as, gives us the ability to discover our strengths and weaknesses. This also helps give us that feeling of what competitions are like in case we are interested in participating in future competitions.

Continue reading and see some great photos, here!!!

NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Wednesday, 08.09.2017

Warm Up



Find your 5RM weighted pull up


Every 2 minutes for 8 rounds:
24 double unders
8 toes to bar
3 power cleans (185/125, meant to be HEAVY)

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.13.51 AM

NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 08.08.2017

Luray Mud Run, September 30th, 2017

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NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 08.08.2017


Warm Up


Review the power clean and work up to a heavy double


For time:
800 run
100 overhead plated sit ups (45/35)
75 burpees
50 front squats (115/85)
25 strict ring dips