NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 08.15.17

NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 08.15.17



Warm Up

Strength –
Thruster: 1 rep max



1,000m row
50 thruster (45/33)
30 pull ups

Fit-Well-Sick, Which Are You?

As you age certain things happen to your body that you cannot control; graying hair, weakened eyesight, and creaky joints just to name a few. But what about our strength? Is it something we can hold on to?
As you know atrophy (muscle loss) is endemic in older individuals, and it causes frailty, illness, loss of independence and injury. We are often told when we get older to, “Slow Down!”, or “You can’t push it that hard anymore.”, which often leads to less exercise and a decrease in ability.
It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, a chain reaction of human anguish.  In other words, the less we do, the less we can do.
There is a little known process called apoptosis, in which a cell will destroy itself. This is an important and normal function of the body, for instance an infected cell will self terminate in order to protect other cells. Awesome right? But apoptosis will also occur in muscle cells due to disuse, not so awesome.
So how do we slow this process? My answer, get off from on top your couch and get under the barbell!
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