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Let me tell you a story.
It’s Spring 2011 and I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 6 months.  My buddy asks me if I want to do The Open…
Me: “Sure!….Whats The Open?”
Him:  “It’s a bunch of CrossFit workouts that you do with everyone else in the world.”
What could go wrong?
At this point in my CrossFit experience I had learned (not mastered) most of the skills necessary to compete in the RX division double unders, snatch and clean & jerk, and could rep out a good bit of pull ups. I had been in the Marine Corps for 2 years and could run like a gazelle.
There was one area where I was severely lacking: STRENGTH.
You see, most of the skills I mentioned above can be developed to a workable level within a few months given enough focus. Give it a few months, and you can get your basic fitness in some shape.
BUT–  strength takes years of deliberate focus to build.
I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so onward I went. Hey! I’m a Marine!
My lack of strength hit me hard when on  Open WOD 11.3.
                   (5 minute AMRAP of Squat Clean and Jerks at 165lbs)
I think I only weighed 175lbs and I could just barely front squat 180 lbs for 1 rep.
How was I going to move this weight multiple times from the ground to overhead AND squat with it?!
I finished that WOD feeling defeated with 5 reps. One rep every minute.
I wasn’t out of breath, I was getting under the bar fast enough. I just couldn’t stand up with it. Every squat felt like a one rep max.
I told myself then that my strength was going to be a priority.
I focused on getting stronger and in a few months time I had doubled my reps in that workout.
Within a year I had tripled them.
I focused mainly on the big three lifts, squats, dead lifts, and pressing, with a little bit of time on the olympic lifts. As my strength in the big three increased as did all others.  When you can front squat 250lbs, standing up with 165lbs from a clean is a no brainer.
The Open, and some of CrossFit, is less about training and more about an expression of our mastery of the 10 physical skills; strength, speed, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, etc..  Your day to day workouts are your study time, and the Open is the test.
So the big question is….
Are you strong enough?
In strength,
Coach Mike
PS There’s a lot of ways we can work on our strength, and a no brainer is joining our upcoming NOVA Strength class.
NOVA Strength & Conditioning, NOVA CrossFit, Tuesday, 08.22.2017

Warm Up


Strength –
Push Jerk: 3rx3s

10x100m sprint
*recover on walk back +/- 45-60 seconds