Growing up, I was very active. I used to be a dancer from the age of five up until College days, but then life got “busy” and little by little I drifted away from my physical activities.

I went through a couple years where I lacked that motivation to really commit to my health and wellness, but eventually it creeped up on me. I began to feel my body changing physically, and it started to affect how I felt internally, having an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle caused me to feel unmotivated, uncomfortable, unhappy and not confident in own skin.

At this point, I knew I needed to reset the button. Both my husband and I decided that we were to leave behind those years we spent neglecting our bodies from physical activity and nourishing it with the right nutrients.

In January 2016, we joined Nova Strength and Conditioning, it was truly what I (we) needed. At NOVA, we found that sense of community support, guidance and push to go far beyond what we believed we could do.

The coaches have played a huge role in the development of my (our) strengths, both physically and mentally. I am a true believer that in unity there is strength, alone we can go far, but together with a group of individuals who share the same passion and aspirations like you, you can go farther.

Nova CrossFit has brought so much to my (our) life from personal, physical, internal improvements to valuable friends. It has been a win-win resolution in all areas, with the program that they offer and with your passion it becomes the perfect combo!

It has gone as far as giving birth to a passion to create a health and fitness blog, where I use it as a positive platform to share my journey, my experiences of triumphs and failure, in light to inspire those who aspire to make changes in their lives to create a meaningful and satisfying life, like I did! You can catch me writing a recent post at

I remember when I first joined, I never thought my body would do the things that it can do now- doing RX and hitting PR’s  seemed so far away from my reach, but today I am able to do most, if not all RX workouts with still a lot of room to keep moving forward and improving each day.

My most honest advice, based on my personal journey, is to trust the process, stay focused, disciplined, have patience and be consistent.

And let yourself be coachable, that is the way we learn!

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