Robert: Racing the Sun

“I long so much to [see] beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort and disappointment and perseverance.”
– Vincent Van Gogh

I returned to CrossFit this week, and it’s slow going getting out of bed this morning b/c literally everything hurts. But I am so grateful to Erin Sanzero and the rest of the CrossFit team for it. B/c if it weren’t for the two cycles of NOVA Boot Camp I did before this trip, I wouldn’t have seen or done half of the beautiful things I saw and did in Italy.

Ravello is a good #fiftyeleven steps up the mountain from the village of Minori, where we stayed. I am not exaggerating here; I had my FitBit on the trip, and it counted. But the insane views along the way made every step worth it. In Capri, the hike along the Pizzolungo from Arco Naturale, high above the sea and seagulls flying below, down to the Cave of Matermania, back up to the lookout point over Villa Malaparte, down again to La Fontelina beach club and an eye-level view of i Faraglioni rocks – well, you get my point. Up, down, up, down … you better be stairmaster ready. And the spectacular grottoes dotted around the island? To experience them fully, you need to swim to them, in them, through them. I felt like Flipper, y’all! My one regret is not having my GoPro ready to capture that.

Italy was sensationally, stunningly beautiful. I needed to see and experience those beautiful things. It did my heart and spirit good to see them. By sharing the pics/videos, I hope it did your heart and spirit good to see them, too. And I hope to keep pushing through my CrossFit classes. B/c the next time I’m on the Amalfi coast and decide to race the sun up the mountain, I plan to win.

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