Andrea: Nailing her first competition

I originally joined Nova S&C to lose weight and get in shape; I didn’t expect to fall in love with a new sport. But the culture at the gym makes it easy test it out what interests you in a supportive environment.

I decided to sign up and compete in the NOVA Open because, ultimately, I love Olympic lifting (and anything with a barbell, really). I’m used to tournaments and races, but a weightlifting meet is so different from anything I’ve ever done; I wanted to see what it was all about. 

Two months out from the meet, I started devoting at least 10 minutes of my day to doing a Range of Motion WOD. Being consistent with stretching seems tedious, but it makes all the difference in the snatch and the clean and jerk. ROMWODs are also great for building your mental strength, especially during those 45 minute ones. I also tend to do my ROMWODs before bed, so they tend to put me in a very relaxed mindset, something I definitely needed with all those pre-competition jitters.

I looked at my CrossFit classes as a time to build strength and endurance, and my Olympic lifting days as a time to refine the technique of the lifts and to drill each lift over and over again so I would feel comfortable doing them come the Open.

Being my first meet, I was a bundle of nerves. Coach Sarah talked to me and said that some lifters thrive in the competitive environment, using that extra adrenaline to set some PRs; and some lifters are better off hitting big numbers in training and replicating that on the competition platform. Not knowing what kind of lifter I am, I didn’t want to attempt anything I didn’t hit at least once before in training. I had three weights in mind for the snatch and the clean and jerk: one that I’ve drilled time and time again in training, one that was a little heavier but that I was still pretty consistent with, and one that I’ve hit shakily in training at least once but was ultimately one that I was not used to getting under. My heaviest lifts were each around 90-93% of my max.

Surprisingly, everything felt pretty light on Sunday (because of the adrenaline probably), and I easily could’ve gone up. But there’s always next time!

Huge congrats to Andrea on a successful meet. All we wanna know is: When’s the next one?

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