Lemlem: Having Fun and Learning New Skills

I have been NOVA CrossFit member since August of 2016. It was eye opening for me to join the crossFit community. I started with the boot camp classes and loved the environment. As the boot camp session ended, I did not think twice signing up to be a member at Nova CrossFit. Till this day it is one of the best fitness decisions I have made.

One of the main reason I decided to join CrossFit is because when I attended the gym previously I did a lot of cardio and I didn’t know how to use some of the machines. I had a boring exercise routine and I had little knowledge about nutrition and weightlifting. After hearing about crossFit from one of my friends I was ready to take my fitness journey to next level. I signed up for the bootcamp session and have not looked back!

Beside the intensive and challenging wods, CrossFit has taught me to challenge my limits. Failing is never looked down on. I like my fellow crossFitters positive energy. I am excited to try new movements to get new PR and to improve my skills. There are so many things that motivate me when I think about crossFit, however seeing the daily WOD, (especially any BB wods) always motivates me to get up early and hit the gym. I love moving weights and am always open to learn new movements. CrossFit gave me the opportunity to right the wrongs of gym class humiliation. I always get excited when I see dead lifts or other barbell workouts.

NOVA CrossFit community is supportive, positive, and has like-minded people. NOVA CrossFit is teaches me to challenge myself, find my weakness and strength on daily basis.

I still have a lot of goals I need to accomplish. However being able to do double under is one of the first thing I accomplished. It still needs work but I never knew double under existed until I started crossfit. I feel strong any time I do barbell wod or strength training, however my short term goal is to build up more upper body strength so I can do pull up and do handstands easily. I have so many goals, and will share my progress with you guys.


I would like to thank my coaches and my amazing NOVA CrossFit fellows for being supportive and for motivating me when I was frustrated and wanted to quit. I have gain strength and confidence in myself and am looking forward to my future with NOVA CrossFit.

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