4 Questions to find out if you’re a liquid sugar junkie

Written by Taylor Self

Good Morning everybody and HAPPY FOOD FRIDAY. I am going talk a little bit about intake today and more specifically… LIQUIDS!

First, let us go over a few important questions!

  1. Are you a soda drinker?
  2. Do you add sugar to your coffee?
  3. Are you a juice/artificially sweetened liquid drinker?
  4. Are you drinking 60-80oz of water a day?

If you answered yes to any of the first three, let’s take a minute to understand the adverse effects any number of drinks can have on our health. For one, as crossfitters and human beings striving for overall health, we really want to keep intake of sugar to a minimum. Sugar causes inflammation and in excess is terrible for our body!!! If we replace the coffee sweetener with protein powder, substitute the coke for La-croix, and drink water instead of juice, I KNOW that you will not only see big results within a few weeks, but I also know you’ll feel better, be more energized and perhaps even be happier.

I am not one to preach something I do not practice, so I’ll give you my abbreviated health history… I was not your healthy child, growing up I drank 4-6 sodas a day and devoured fast food with a vengeance. Since discovering exercise and fitness as a passion a few years ago, I have completely cut out all artificially sweetened drinks, sodas, juices and added sugars in all my liquid intake. The results? For one I feel and look a whole lot healthier than I did growing up. I am also able to increase caloric content of my solid food intake which is always a nice bonus!!! Even better, I’ve gotten education from a registered dietitian so I can work with others to help them actually get fitter,  healthier,  and meet their goals.

SO, I am challenging you all to cut out the sugar, soda, coffee additive, juices and other artificial sweeteners from your liquid intake, and focus on getting 60-80oz of water a day. This will drastically improve your metabolism, exercise performance and will aid in fat loss!

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