Monday, 11.13.2017

Warm up & Mobility


High Bar Back Squat 3×5

   *70-85% of 1 rep max


8 minute AMRAP

10 Wallballs 20/14

20 Double Unders/60 Single Unders

10 Ring Dips

*Intended Stimulus:

    -Strength: Steady or slightly ascending in weight.  Quadricep and Back strength in general strength rep range.(4-6). Will transition well to squat cleans/snatches if upright chest is maintained throughout movement.

    -Metcon: Short Conditioning piece with emphasis quads, shoulders, chest and triceps.  Wallballs should be light enough that all 10 reps can be done unbroken.  Dips may be broken into 2 or more sets.

Box Brief


NOVA Strength Class-Nov 6- Dev 6 

Toys for Tots Collection -through Dec 10

SuperNOVA IV: A New Hope- Internal Throwdown and Christmas Potluck-Dec 16

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