Meet a Member Monday: Kris: Keep Showing Up and Keep Moving

Written by Joyce Ferreira

In the beginning of 2015 I already had lost some weight using a fitness tracker to help me walk more but I still wanted to get in better shape. I knew Coach LuLu from work and she told me about NOVA and a boot camp starting. I joined it in March 2015 and met other like minded people who wanted to get healthy.  When I started my first boot camp, I had never done a burpee nor had I jumped rope since I was a child, and I could complete only half of the base line workout. I ended signing up and completing 8 boot camps. Erin says I still hold the record. LOL

I was nervous and a little apprehensive to start CrossFit; I wasn’t sure I could do the lifting. However, I braced myself and in September of 2016 I started CrossFit. The coaches helped me modify the workouts as I needed to and they pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. I remember one of the WODs was 100 burpees and I said, “I can’t do that”, and coach Mike K said “not with that attitude”. With his encouragement, I broke it down in sets of 10 and completed it!

I’m considered one of the Master athletes, as I’m older than most of the people in the classes. Maybe that’s why I was a bit negative when I first started CrossFit. I would always say I could not do that movement, I didn’t like that movement, etc.  I decided to stop with all my negative comments and just doing that changed my mindset and I improved how I did the WODs. I’m only competing with myself and I always try to meet the time cap for the WOD. I’m pleased when I can do that!

I still get frustrated with some of the lifts, such as the clean and the snatch, but I keep doing my best and with the coaches patiently showing me and explaining how to do them, it’s getting better.  Progress, not perfection. People work for years on perfecting these movements, so I’ve come a long way! I just joined the strength training class to really work on my form and strength. I would like to get to a 200lb deadlift some day.

NOVA Strength and Conditioning has changed my life by connecting me with people and helping me to be committed to improving my health. I love the sense of community and family!! I have made some amazing friends over the 2 and 1/2 years I have been attending. The community motivates me to keep coming as we are accountable to each other in the CrossFit classes, and the coaches are amazing!

Also, I am much healthier now; I have lost 70 pounds from my heaviest weight and at my recent physical, all my numbers for blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc, were great! Coming to CrossFit has helped me lower my stress levels and boost my mood. It makes me an overall happier person. The coaches and the friends I workout with push me to lift more and do more. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone, which I do a lot now!  A lot of it is in my mind where I say I can’t do that, but if I try, I can. I have been even more confident and positive in my life.

I cannot say enough great things about the gym!  I love the coaches and they have helped me change my life! I NEVER  thought I would be doing CrossFit nor lifting weights with big bars! It’s crazy to me but I love it! Consistency is the key. Keep showing up and doing the best you can every time. Keep showing up and keep moving!!!

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