How much change can you make in four months?

Written by Erin Sanzero

Writing this post is hard. For such an extrovert, wildly so. But I hope that in sharing my truth with you, I might give you permission to be a bit more willing to step outside your comfort zone and hazard a little risk as well. So, essentially, I’ll jump first. I hope you’ll jump too.

Life is tough. Most people are mediocre and I get it. There’s a lot coming at you and the world makes it so easy to be un [insert adjective here].  I get it. Truly I do. Excellence is hard work. If it wasn’t more people would be excellent.  Thomas Edison says, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work”.  So, if you’re ok with complacency and mediocrity, perhaps stop reading this post here. If you’re not willing to do some deliberate and intentional work, pack your toys, find a new sandbox, and save your time.

In a recent podcast, I heard Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, say, “If you’re not zoning, you’re not doing CrossFit”.  Wow. Simple.  And who doesn’t like a little humility coupled with keeping it simple. We say all the time that you can’t out train a bad diet but we’ve made offering top notch training our top priority with an emphasis on endorsing good nutrition.  We’ve been saying that even though we know that the CrossFit pyramid looks like this:

Yep, that’s nutrition on the bottom. And we’ve decided to better  serve our clients, we needed to step up our services to to present a more comprehensive wellness answer to our community.  We’ve been working behind the scenes to get our staff highly educated and we’re bringing Nicole Marchand, MS, RD, LD/N, a Registered Dietician, who also specializes in Sports Performance in to write individual meal plans.

Our Nutrition program (like our CrossFit, Boot Camp and Personal Training Programs) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term.  Our Coaches are ready to educate and help hold you accountable so we can all have access to nutrition, fitness, and the nexus of the two: wellness. The synergy of the two creates powerful habits that last a lifetime.

Leaders eat last. Since early June I’ve done CrossFit Greg Glassman’s way. The difference in these two pictures isn’t more CrossFit. And it isn’t more cowbell either. It is my willingness to trust that everything I need to know to be successful at CrossFit is already there, “baked” into the program.  Glassman also says when you feel you’ve mastered the basics, it is time to start back anew again, and pay closer attention.  So that’s what you see here.  A CrossFitter who went back to the basics, to the beginning of the pyramid, planned the work, and worked the plan.  And, while it feels mortifying to put these pictures out into the world, (can you tell I took the before picture with ABSOLUTELY ZERO intention of ever sharing with anyone?!!?! Really, ask my wife  how much I pissed and moaned) I want to show you what can be done with 4 days a week of CrossFit and a tight nutrition plan.

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