Meet a Member Monday: Stacie: Fitness isn‘t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Written by Stephen Miller, as told by Stacie Wehling!

I started CrossFit 3 years ago at Nova Strength and Conditioning. Before joining CrossFit my idea of a good workout consisted of running and Zumba. I was never interested in fitness and definitely not weightlifting. My husband, Jeff, was interested in CrossFit and somehow talked me into joining him one day for a WOD. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. I pictured all these bros doing arm curls and yelling at each other! The first person we meet is this short, energetic, talkative lady, Erin Sanzero. Erin was there to greet us and I instantly connected with her. She made me excited to give CrossFit a try and more importantly Nova S&C!

When I first started CrossFit, I hadn’t touched a barbell before so all of the workouts I used the 33 lb barbell. I took every workout one day at a time. Some days were more frustrating than others but I stayed committed and kept working hard. Last summer I focused on improving my nutrition and switched my diet to a clean paleo diet. After that I started seeing a change in my mood, my energy, and definition in parts of my body that were never there before! I gained confidence inside and outside the gym!

This year I participated in my first CrossFit competition outside of our gym. It forced me to really focus on improving specific movements and pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I could. Everyone was always willing to offer advice and help me improve. I was able to learn from the Nova coaches and other gym members! The day of the competition coaches and friends were there to cheer me on! I walked away from the competition feeling loved and supported by Nova S&C!

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the last year is fitness isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to take each day as a time to improve. I encourage you to try something new each month. Even if it’s adding 5 more lbs to the bar – Go for it! You’re never going to get all the movements in a month or even a year, but baby steps and commitment will get you there! Trust the process and results will come!

This year I started weightlifting with Tom Sovocool and the other talented weightlifters to improve my technique and of course get stronger! Three years ago I couldn’t deadlift over 100 lbs and this year I hit a PR deadlift of 225 lbs! My next goal is to do all WODs Rx in the 2018 Crossfit Open. Crossfit and weightlifting has become something I love to do and look forward to everyday. The challenging WODs, the awesome members, and the inspiring coaches keeps me coming back for more!

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