Tips to get back on track!

Written by LuLu Geza

While we all go through different levels of commitment to various dietary practices i.e. clean eating, carb-loading phases, or simply not drinking soda, etc., some times of the year are harder than others. Today, the day after Thanksgiving, can be a really hard day as we try not to overindulge like we did yesterday, so here are some tips to help you start and get through the holiday weekend!

In general, after a Turkey day of feasting, we should try to get back to our routines as much as we can, so, don’t skip breakfast! If you aren’t feeling your best, a light breakfast at the very least—where you get some protein and complex carbohydrates, like oatmeal with nuts, yogurt with fruit, or eggs and toast. Then you won’t be hungry and overeat later.

Now, many Thanksgiving staples are high in calories, carbs, and sugars, so we want to make sure that by the time lunch rolls around, we have a plan to make choices about where we will indulge and where we won’t. Portion control is a huge part of this—limiting ourselves to a bite or two of our favorite delectable side (green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, etc.) while we focus on some kind of healthier (sans gravy) repackaging of turkey breast meat, like in a sandwich and with sides of baby carrots, green beans, roasted broccoli, or other high-fiber vegetables. Same goes for dinner—we can make those intentional choices; do I want an extra scoop of stuffing or a glass of wine? Would I like to eat a slice of pie, how about making it smaller than the portions of yesterday?

Today we are trying to get back on track, so hydrate well and find a way to get your heart rate up! If you aren’t able to join Joyce and friends at the gym today, get your friends/family to move with you: plan a hike, a dance party, a touch football game, or do a Travel WOD!

As we have just started the holiday season, please remember that while two or three days of overindulgence across the couple months of festivities will not harm our long-term goals, overindulging for the entirety of the two months WILL disrupt aspirations of lean muscle and cardio endurance. If we fail to prepare for the season of temptations, then we are preparing to fail—so let’s get ahead of the ball and employ these tips! Decide what Thanksgiving treats you must revisit, HYDRATE, and plan activities where you move around for today, tomorrow, and Sunday!

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