Tips to get back on track!

Written by Michael Koehler

So what are some good things to do on a non-training or “Recovery” day”?  Recovery days can be simply life without the gym, or you could consider adding some non-taxing activities that can keep you feeling positive about your fitness.  I personally hate the thought of doing absolutely nothing for a whole day concerning my fitness.  So here are some possibilities.

First, there are any number of light activities that would be considered “active recovery”.  These might include foam rolling, stretching, yoga, bike riding (other than steep mountain trails), hiking, and jogging.  Youtube is filled with yoga routines and stretching routines if you don’t have your own plans (here’s an example to get you started:   The gym also has an affiliate membership to ROMWOD for your use and you even get an account and do them at home.

Second, a recovery day is a great day to assess your diet if you are not already pursuing a specific diet plan.  Log all of your meals into a diet app or web-tool to see how many calories you are consuming on a typical day. We suggest My Fitness Pal as our top recommendation.  Also, see how much protein you are getting.  Hopefully you are consuming at least 2/3 of your weight (in pounds) as grams of protein per day.  Incidentally on training days, that number should bump up due to your post-workout protein shake (you’re not forgetting your protein shakes, right?).   If your goal is to gain or lose weight you can use this baseline calorie count to help you make future adjustments.

Third, how about some healthy meal prep?  Go shopping for healthy lunch foods, and pack some meals to carry you through the week. Consider gathering ingredients for healthy protein smoothies, and then try out a new concoction.  I’m a big fan of blending cool filtered water, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, fresh spinach leaves, raw flax seed, and vanilla protein powder.  This is an awesome pick-me-up! Perhaps consider diving into our upcoming 28 Nutrition Challenge.

Fourth, you could do some homework for CrossFit skills you’d like to learn.  I am currently trying to improve my free-standing handstands.  So I have made a plan to do some handstand holds against a wall (in my basement or at the box) at least four times per week.  What is it for you?  Training is much more meaningful when you’ve got some specific goals in mind, and a recovery day is a good time to plan.

Remember, being awesome is a full time job.  

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