Monday, 11.27.2017

Warm up & Mobility

Sumo Deadlift 3×4

    *85-95% of 1 rep max


2 Rounds For Time

10 Deadlifts 225/185

100m KB Farmers Carry 53/35

12 Box Jumps *

    *rest 90 seconds between rounds

    *box jumps are as high as SAFELY possible

    *11 minute timecap

Intended Stimulus:

    -Strength: Steady or slightly ascending in weight.  Hamstring, Back(erector spinae), and Quadricep strength in general strength rep range.(4-6).

    -Metcon: Short Conditioning piece with emphasis on hamstrings, back, forearms, and glutes.  Rx/if scaling: Both deadlifts and KB carry should be unbroken or split into a MAX of 2 sets.  Box Jumps should be as high as possible without risking injury, 1-2 seconds between each rep is acceptable.

Box Brief


NOVA Strength Class-Nov 6- Dev 6 

Toys for Tots Collection -through Dec 10

SuperNOVA IV: A New Hope- Internal Throwdown and Christmas Potluck-Dec 16

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