Doubling down and making huge progress!

Written by Michael Miller

Oscar is a fantastic dude and his happy energy is a welcome addition to any class.  He’s been putting some real effort into his CrossFit and he’s finishing up his second round of our NOVA Strength Class.  He’s quick with words of encouragement and has found out he’s capable of much more than he initially thought. Signing up for the NOVA Strength class  has really helped him fast track his work and he’s making quick progress.

Nova Strength is a program designed around the development of three lifts: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. This program has been perfect for anyone looking to increase their understanding of mechanics, ranges of motion, and get stronger.  Oscar has been crushing it  and improving at his regular CrossFit too.  I’m proud of his hard work and effort.

He graciously took a moment to answer a few questions about his experience doubling down on CrossFit and the Strength Class. Take a peek at his answers and give him a high five this week at the gym! He’s got some bright things coming his way in 2018!

1)What is your favorite lift?

-My favorite is the back squat. I may not be squatting as much as I would like, but when I do I am always able to keep adding weight from the previous session.

2.) What did you hope to get from the Strength class?

-The ability to experiment with and get comfortable with heavier weights.

3.) Is the class what you expected?

-Yes, it was.  Especially as someone newer  to this type of work and environment, it was what I was looking forward to doing.

4.) What big thing has clicked for you so far?

-Being able to find a rhythm and keeping a good pace during the sets.

5.) What is your favorite part about the Strength class?

-It is based on being able to work on yourself and not having to prove anything to anyone.

6.) Which lift has improved the most?

-My deadlift has improved overall. Getting used to using the mixed grip, figuring out the foot placement,and squat depth has been great.

7.) What do you want to accomplish with your increased strength?

-I would like to reach higher PRs and be able to complete all WODs with the RX weight.

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