Are you connecting the dots?

Written by Taylor Self

Are you connecting the dots?    Many of us aren’t  and that’s ok.   That’s why we are doing this challenge!

  1. Are you getting in your exercise in but not failing to get enough sleep?
  2. Are you getting enough sleep but not quite eating the way you should?
  3. Are you stalled out and not sure why?
  4.  Are you under or over eating? Do you know?
  5. Do you need help setting goals for yourself?
  6. Do you need some general nutrition knowledge?
  7. Do you have a goal (weight loss, performance, kicking soda etc) that’s collecting  dust on your to do  list?

GREAT!  This challenge is for you! We’ve got a  locked and loaded 28 day challenge opportunity to help you get focused, get accountable, and start 2018 with the right tools for success.

You’ve  got questions, and we’ve got a great podcast with more details.  Listen, learn, and join us!   You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. (couldn’t resist)!

Join our 28 Day Nutrition Challenge starting January 8th!

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