Why Gold‘s has mirrors on the walls… and why we don’t

Written by Joyce Ferreira

Changes aren’t easy for anyone. We have our way to be and do things, and consistently doing those things give us a feeling of comfort and ease. However, many times our routine takes us on an undesirable path which eventually we want to change. So we make a New Year resolution, join a gym in the first week of January and buy all the healthy foods promising ourselves this time is different and we are going to lose those pounds, eat better, get healthier. More often than not though, by the end of the first week we have given up our diet telling ourselves we just weren’t made to eat chicken and kale all day every day, and by the end of the first month we have stopped going to the gym because “I’m not eating healthy anyways and the scale hasn’t changed much so what is the point”.  Now I ask you this: How many times your New Year resolution involved losing weight, exercising, eating better? How many times the story above has happened to you? Honestly, in my case, it’s been every year of my entire adult life up until last year. So today I would like to share with you a few tips that have helped me so as the new year approaches, you will be ready to tackle every goal you have and never look back.

Think small: People tend to be are more successful when they establish small, attainable goals. Let’s say your goal is to get healthier. That is a very broad goal so you need to break it down. Getting healthier is the result, what are the steps to get there? Exercise, you say. So make it a goal to hit the gym three times this week. Eat better, you say. Make it a goal to drink that usual daily soda only on the weekends. At your own pace, add small changes. Every change is an important piece of the puzzle.

Be patient: Significant changes are concoured with time. As you add up those puzzle pieces, eventually you are going to look up and see how much of the puzzle you have already built. You need to remember that you didn’t get where you are in a few weeks. Therefore, it will definitely take more than a few weeks to get where you wanna be. It’s all about the journey; don’t think so much of the finish line.

Be consistent: Once you have established your goals, follow through with them every day, every week. The magic isn’t in the plan as much as it is in the consistent execution of it.

Regress to progress: If you find yourself struggling to reach a goal, step back and look for the reasons you are having a hard time. Can you change anything in your routine/environment/mindset to help with that goal? Can that goal be broken down even more to make it easier to be reached? Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your goals. Nothing is set in stone.

After all you have read, if there is one thing I would really like for you to take is: be kind to yourself. You are trying to change your life; it takes time and hard work. Think of progression and not perfection. It’s never going to be perfect so stand up and shake it off when you fall and don’t be so hard on yourself when you fail. As Nelson Mandela once said, “It’s not important how many times you fall but how many times you rise.”

PS: You don’t need to wait until January to start making any changes. Today, right now, is always the best time. Get after it!

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