Monday, 12.4.2017

Warm up & Mobility


Hollowbody Rock EMOM Ladder x 15:

    Minute 1- 5 “Full” Hollowbody Rocks

    Minute 2- 10 Straddle Hollowbody Rocks

    Minute 3- 15 Tuck Hollowbody Rocks

    Minute 4- 10 Straddle Hollowbody Rocks

    Minute 5- 5 Full Hollowbody Rocks

       *Repeat 5/10/15/10/5 cycle for 15 minutes



200m Sprints X 5

   *rest x2 the length of each run. Ex: Sprint takes 1 minute, rest for 2 minutes.

*Intended Stimulus:

    -Skill: Varying degrees of movement intensity, skill, and rep range.  Alternating lengths position holds with ample rest.

    -Metcon: Short length, near maximal intensity running with suitable rest between attempts to allow consistent times for each run.

Box Brief


NOVA Strength Class-Nov 6- Dev 6 

Toys for Tots Collection -through Dec 10

SuperNOVA IV: A New Hope- Internal Throwdown and Christmas Potluck-Dec 16

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