Meet a Member Monday: Rhonda: Down 45 pounds and counting!

Written by Erin Sanzero

Rhonda and Mike Doll are a wonderful and cherished part of our NOVA family.  They are quick with a kind word and smile and Rhonda is down 45 pounds and counting!  I was thrilled to ask after her 2018 goals and get a window into her journey. Enjoy! ~

I was feeling larger than ever and having tons of migraines. I knew I needed to make a change and get healthier. I had tried weight watchers and working out/taking classes at the local gym. I never really knew what I was doing or how to do and wasn’t seeing any results. I saw the advertisement for the all female bootcamp and I knew I needed to try it. I honestly came in with no expectations. I never really felt successful working out, I never played any sports as a kid, and definitely was not athletic. I was hoping to learn a few tips at working out and hoped to maybe lose a 5-10 lbs.

I loved the all girl boot camp because I felt no judgement. What stood out to me the most were the coaches! You both were so encouraging. My most vivid memory from boot camp is you saying, “we don’t sorry” for not being able to do something!  I remember coming home and telling Mike, “I think I can do this!”  My first impression with CrossFit was a little different. I felt nervous at first. Almost like I was jumping into the deep end but wasn’t a strong swimmer. After a few classes that immediately changed. Everyone was so supportive and helpful. One of those first classes I can remember everyone who had finished a WOD standing and cheering on someone who was still working…. clapping and yelling! At that moment I knew NOVA had the atmosphere I was missing at the other gyms.

I’m currently working on building overall strength, a heavier dead lift, possibly a pull up, and heavier push press, and always cardio!I really like open gym! I love buddy WODS we do at times! My favorite memory from one of the open gyms was working with Mike Koehler and finally being able to flip the 400+ pound tire on my own!!!
My diet has changed drastically! I make much healthier choices (I even do Territory meal for lunch 3 days a week). I also have more confidence. I don’t say I can’t as often and I’m more apt to try something new.

I feel like CrossFit has made big impact not only on me but my family! I love that Mike joined NOVA and that we can work out together and push each other during WODS, we even have our own lifting equipment in our garage. Our family as a whole is making better food choices and being more active. I love when we can bring our kids into the gym to see us at work or even participate.

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