Meet a Member Monday: Tim: Consistency is Key

Written by Mike Koehler: Starring Tim Helwege!

Tim is a longtime member at NOVA along with his wife Susan.  He’s a Masters Athlete and also a master of Tailgate Barbecuing.  We caught up with Tim recently and asked him some questions on his CrossFit journey. Enjoy!

Our daughter JP (a NOVA CrossFitter currently serving in the US Navy) kept bugging us to come and try NOVA.  Finally we gave in and attended a “Bring a Friend” day.  After months and years of doing almost no exercise, needless to say we died.  So then realizing our state of health, we did several NOVA Boot Camps over about a year, and then made the switch over to CrossFit almost 2 years ago.

We were originally  hoping to really just get healthier.  I would get winded easily going up stairs, and also had significant joint pains.  I guess  I was a 3 or 3.5 out of 10 in terms of fitness when I I started, and somewhere around 6.5 is where I’d put myself today.  I’m not fully where I want to be yet!    My main focuses are currently to improve my nutrition and improve flexibility.  I’ve historically had tight shoulders, and I’m also battling some plantar fasciitis.  I’d really like to improve my overhead squats this coming year.

Grilling food outside the gym for SuperNOVA II and SuperNOVA III with friends like Clinton Swart, Kris Solberg, and my better half Susan Helwege was a super time!  We were having fun and serving everyone at the gym.  (Editor’s note:  NOVA is clearly more than just a gym; fond memories can go well beyond exercise). Gaining a consistency in coming to the gym every week for the last three years.  Staying consistent has helped me make some gains and feel healthier.    I feel healthier overall – not just in some specific areas.  I’m down a whole pant size, and when required I can lift some heavy things at work without hurting myself.  

NOVA is looking forward to many more years of health, fun, and fitness with Tim!   

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