Helping others and being of service!

Written Taylor Self

As a recovering alcoholic, spirituality is THE core of my sobriety. Without my ability to rely on, have faith in, and utilize a power greater than myself, I cannot stay sober.This is a fact of life that was hard accepted by me (a “stubborn, I can do it all by myself” individual). One of the critical aspects of staying connected with my higher power, is helping others and being of service.

Helping others get sober is my primary form of servitude. I also find that my ability to help others in the gym is an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing an athlete PR a lift or step on the gas and dump all their effort into a brutal metcon, brings me an incredible sense of accomplishment and pride in my athletes! Helping athletes make that extra push or clean up a small technical issue that adds pounds to a lift is awesome, but there is something I feel I could be helping more with in relation to our fitness.

That something is nutrition.

The foundation of our physical fitness as human beings is what we eat! As a coach, I want to help every athlete at our gym attain the highest level of fitness possible. We can’t achieve high levels of fitness on a shaky foundation! That is why Coach Stephen and I are offering a 28-day nutrition challenge. This challenge is going to build healthy habits and change the way you see food! Not only will you clean up your nutrition and notice results in a matter of weeks, but we’re also bringing in an In-Body scanner to take incredibly accurate biometrics in order to understand where we are, and where we want to be! Once we have those two set points figured out, Coach Stephen and I can help you navigate from your current set point, to where you see yourself reaching your goals! Let me help you, let’s reach our highest level of fitness possible TOGETHER!!!

I challenge you to sign up for the 28-day nutrition challenge. Take this next step and make yourself a better person for it!

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