Meet a Member Monday: JMP: Coach, Father, Friend

Written by LuLu Géza

At NOVA CrossFit, we have a community of great athletes and coaches, many of whom turn out to be great workout partners and friends! Coach John-Michael is exactly that, pushing athletes when they need, checking their form, and providing comic relief with his excellent wardrobe of meme apparel. Coach JMP is much more than a meme though, he is also a proud father of Sophie and husband to Lynne. Many of us do not have the privilege to work with him regularly because he mostly coaches in the morning, so I had him answer a few questions.

How long have you been with NOVA CrossFit? How has NOVA CrossFit changed you?

A: I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2011, however, I’ve been with NOVA CF since 2013. Coming into NOVA, I really wanted to become adept in the olympic lifts. It seemed like the perfect place to get better, as Erin and Sarah are really great at coaching athletes at the lifts. At first, I actually wasn’t even considering coaching, as I was happy as an athlete and couldn’t see myself as a coach. However, I’m glad that Erin and Sarah pushed me to go and get my Level I certification and supported me as a coach. It is really rewarding to work with athletes on a regular basis and see their improvements (Shout out to the 6AM crew especially!)

What was your favorite goal/accomplishment in regards to CrossFit?

A: It would probably be getting a bodyweight snatch. Like I said earlier, coming into NOVA I really wanted to improve my Olympic lifts. In the 2012 Open, one of the workouts had a 135 lb snatch in it. I tried several times, but wasn’t able to get it over my head. After dedicating time to the snatch at NOVA, I was able to hit 135. However, once I got that, I wanted more. Hitting that bodyweight snatch was an incredible feeling!

Tell us about a positive memory you have had during your time at NCF.

A: One of my favorite memories at NOVA was hiking Old Rag. It was fun to be able to get to know other members and to hang out outside of the gym getting some physical activity in.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.

A: You may not know that I met Lynne, my wife, in high school doing musicals (High School Musical, you know “All in this Together”) and chorus. It’s also through her that I’m even at NOVA CrossFit in the first place as Erin was her vocal coach in high school.

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