Big. Hairy. Audacious. Three words to describe goals.

It’s Big. It’s Hairy. It’s Audacious. It’s that Big, Hairy, Audacious, goal that’s going to launch you to the next level (and strike a little fear in your heart).

Once I committed to my BHAG, it was a game changer for how I acted, related to everyone around me, and planned my life.


Because a BHAG is challenging. A BHAG pushes you. And what you learn is that the steps you take towards your BHAG is where the success is found.

It’s what that corny quote says about shooting for the moon and at least landing among the stars. Dorky as it is, it sure is true!

Steve Jobs’ BHAG was to put a dent in the universe. Did he actually put a dent in the universe? Not exactly. But he did land amongst the stars?? YES!

Steve Jobs’ BHAG made him push himself past his perceived limits. It helped him rise to the occasion of his life and business.

If you know a little more about Steve Jobs’, you also know that he was clear late in life on what he thought mattered most: treasuring family, friends, and treating everyone well.

My BHAG? To choose friendship, joy, and gratitude. To listen more and talk less (tough one for me).

Does it feel pretty impossible? Sure, but…

My BHAG gives me direction every day. I know everything I do needs to be filtered through this perspective. My processes are important and committment to be in it for the long haul is essential.

Identifying a BHAG is important, but every BHAG needs a plan. Otherwise, it’s just a dream. So that’s where I’ve got an action plan to make this happen and not fizzle out.

That’s the secret: Every BHAG is made up of smaller goals. If the BHAG is the ladder, the smaller goals are the rungs that get you to the top.

Here’s my feet having good guidance and making my best effort every day.

Guess what? You can too.

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