Battles with food and weight

Written by LuLu Geza

As I begin the journey of our 28-day nutrition challenge, I am excited, nervous, and unsure about everything. I have been reflecting a little bit on my ongoing battle with weight and food, and even was looking at some pictures of me from different times in my life. I have always been an emotional and disordered eater, and on the overweight side of things. There was a short period in my life where I thought that getting fit was the only way to be happy in all aspects of my life. So, I threw myself into CrossFit, rugby, and sprint workouts, all of which did make me happy in some ways, but not all the ways.

I have gone through many transitions since that time (job, graduation, etc. etc.), and now I am happy with most aspects of my life and myself, but weight and food are still an issue for me. I had thought of myself as doing a pretty good job with nutrition lately, as I have been diligently prepping on Sunday and trying to load my meals with veggies and lean meats. My biggest shortcoming has been when I have not planned—primarily weekends when I try to be more unscheduled, snacks, but also if I get stuck late at work, there’s free food available that I’d rather eat, or if I get a random craving for a sweet or fried treat.

Besides the motivators of money and competition, my favorite and best impetus of this challenge is the intention behind having a plan for every single meal and snack ever. I want to maintain a balance between all this planning and my life, even during this challenge. And I’m very excited for the opportunity to gain muscle memory for all the important pieces this challenge highlights: meal prepping, hydration, sleep/rest and stress relief, fewer sugar and processed foods, and all the more vegetables!

Erin says it all the time, but it is worth repeating here: “Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail,” and I am excited to stop failing on nutrition. Because even though I have (mostly) gotten a workout routine back after all the holidays and after over a year of being away from the gym, without the nutrition piece, I have still been failing at my goals.

So, here’s to zeroing in on nutrition, keeping up our workout routines, and remembering that this 28 days is all about learning and leaning!

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