Meet a Member Monday: Chuck:Improving his quality of life

Chuck’s better half, Stephenie first found out about NOVA 2 years ago when she googled looking for something more challenging than our globo gym to prepare Rachel for her intense, unknown, adventure in California at her first reality discipleship program in the San Bernardino Mountains.

They dove in as a family and at first, Chuck wasn’t sure what to expect but he liked everyone and really enjoyed watching the am group grow into a thriving crew.   He’s currently working on making nutrition a greater priority and is finishing up our 28 day Nutrition Challenge.  Logging his food and getting into his classes consistently–6 this week, have him cruising into 2018 and the spring!

Chuck is too modest to say it, but I will. He’s gracious and kind and takes hospitality seriously. His warm, welcoming presence makes everyone happy and he’s the first to toss out a kind word.

In his fitness journet at NOVA, Chuck has done one really mission critical thing—consistently show up.  He credits this as his single most important change and has a great accountability partner in his wife.  Where their gym routine struggled to find common ground before, they are equally invested and enjoy coming to NOVA together.

Here’s to enjoying going to the gym and improving your life outside the gym!

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