Meet a Member Monday: Emma: Gaining Self Love

Emma came to NOVA after her routine had grown stale and repetitive. She decided to go out on a limb and came to NOVA for the boot camp program hoping to lose some weight. When she walked in on her first day, there was a CrossFit class going on and she thought “this is intense, you could never do that” and “leave quietly, they’ll never know.” !!

Needless to say, she was intimidated. but she stayed! Time and her diligent consistent effort to show up and give it her best effort helped her grow more familiar with the culture of CrossFit and especially NOVA, She shifted from thinking these workouts were only for incredibly fit and competitive people to recognizing CrossFit is for ‘everyone’,and that coaches will modify movements for you and everyone will be supportive regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

Feeling more confident in her ability to practice CrossFit, she’s turned to focusing on adopting a consistent and sustainable approach to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle overall (the recent nutrition challenge has been a help to jump start this),and is seeing just how much the quality of the foods fuels her body and how that impacts her performance in the gym.

Her self-image and self-acceptance have improved as she’s come to recognize her body and strength are an incredible gift to be valued and nourished for what they are instead of deprived and punished for what she might think they’re not. She’s realized she is capable of a lot more than she gave herself credit for!

Her first official box jump stands out as a special testimony to her experiences with CrossFit because it’s something she never believed she’d be able to do. To piggyback on that, another favorite memory is eating it while doing box jumps and coming right back the next day to do them again. She’s resilient!

The physical and mental challenges she’s faced have been a catalyst on her quest for personal development and improvement . “I never realized how hard I was and still am on myself until I had the coaches and everyone at the gym rallying around me. I went from focusing on what I couldn’t do to what I’ve accomplished. CrossFit is helping me not only achieve a healthy body but also a healthy mind. All in all, it’s helped me approach every aspect of life from a place of gratitude, positivity and love.”

Here’s to you, Emma! You’re a gem!

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