Accentuate the Positive

Happiness is made of little moments, little choices.

Happiness is when you decide to smile in the morning and focus on the positive instead of the negative.

But – sometimes life happens and you crumble under pressure.

Getting a “negative” or “gloomy” response to the stress of life is not the problem.

The problem is: How much are you staying stuck in this response?

You have the right to feel the way you feel and beating yourself up for feeling that way won’t help.

So feel it and then let go.

Today’s In The Moment Shift…

*Think Less–>Feel More
*Frown Less–>Smile More
*Talk Less–>Listen More
*Judge Less–>Accept More
*Watch Less–>Do More
*Complain Less–>Appreciate More
*Fear Less–>Love More

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