Meet a Member Monday: Jane: Feeling better overall

I am a consummate runner, teach spin classes, have completed dozens of triathlons, and worked with personal trainers, but was looking for something close to home that provided a more challenging workout that combines strength, mobility and endurance – but still be part of a community of like-minded athletes. I came to NOVA hoping to be challenged and have variety in my workouts, but not in a way that risked injury, which has happened with personal trainers (or on my own).

I have always been fit – the challenge is to continue to stay fit now that I am … older. I feel more motivated to work out and push myself. I feel like the combination of running, spinning and CrossFit keep me in better shape. A friend encouraged me to check out NOVA and assured me that members were from all walks of life and a broad range of ages.  I have not been disappointed. From day one, everyone – coaches and members – have been friendly, supportive and inclusive.

A big missing link for me was nutrition … as a teenager, I struggled with an eating disorder, which I never fully recovered from in that I still counted calories and was fearful of gaining weight. Plus, I never cooked or prepared meals, and while I didn’t eat foods that were bad for me necessarily (no fast food, etc.), I was not consistent in how I ate – or when. I’d be at work all day without eating anything, so when I got home I did not make the best choices. I also have a huge sweet tooth. So, the nutrition challenge was really life-changing for many reasons … it taught me how to prepare meals so I don’t go all day without food or scramble to find something when I got home and gave me a foundation for making changes. I also feel better, my running has improved, the blues come less frequently and I feel empowered.

Simply put,  I just feel better overall … I feel calmer, less anxious, more relaxed, more eager to start my day. My boyfriend is happy – he thinks I look great and likes that I’ve made these positive changes. Most importantly, I am happier with myself and, therefore, appreciate those around me more.

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