Meet a Member Monday: Von: Fierce.Fun.Fabulous

I saw an ad for the Boot Camp on Facebook and it literally popped up the very same day that I decided I wanted to change my life. I remember going in for the in-person meeting with Erin prior to signing up and immediately signed up because there was nothing that was going to change my mind. I’m so happy that ad popped up on my Facebook especially since I usually only get ads for Cheesecake Factory (Their celebration cheesecake looks so good), and ads about how to feel great as a hairy older muscular gay man…I’m not sure who they think I am.

I’ve tried Crossfit once before for a few months but I couldn’t get into it. I felt alone during classes even though they were full and I never felt empowered to succeed. I wanted to give it another try and see what the “kool-aid” everyone was drinking and see if this was the sort of life style I could continue it. I wanted NOVA to be that second chance. I felt like strength wise I thought I was a solid 6/7. Cardio I was definitely a 3 and now I believe I’m an 8 in strength and a 5/6 in cardio. I still can’t get myself to go on long runs (mostly due to the fact that I can’t concentrate on long runs and I get distracted/bored easily) but put me on a row machine and I’ll battle against the currents of the Niagara Falls — but let’s not test this theory out.

My first impression of NOVA was that it was going to be the same as my initial experience with CrossFit. I would be tossed into a class where no one knew my name for months and I’d just disappear into obscurity until I decided it wasn’t for me again. But that was the chip on my shoulder. It has clearly gone away now and I love going to class, no matter how often I complain which is just second nature to me and not a reflection on the quality of the workouts. I love the friends I’ve made and the camaraderie there is at NOVA. It’s like one giant family of people who like to sweat and workout and talk about working out and nutrition and that’s the kind of healthy lifestyle I need to continually surround myself with. If I wanted cheesecake, I’ll just turn to Facebook. It’s great at that.

I’ve lost the weight I gained when I broke my leg but I’m certain I still have more fat and less muscle than before so I want to work on transferring those proportions out. I developed knee arthritis as a results of my broken leg and weight gain and the only thing both my doctor and PT said would alleviate it is substantial weight loss. So I am on a journey to lose an additional 50lbs by the end of the year. I turn 30 in August and I want to start my 30s in the best version I can be.

Coming back after the leg break was really memorable for me. The WOD was nothing but running so I had to do the rower but it was still crazy hard especially since I hadn’t done any cardio in about 3 months at that point. I wanted to throw up at the end of the workout and I felt extremely out of shape but I still felt proud that I was back. I could have easily quit and let myself wallow in my self pity but I knew that I wasn’t that kind of person.

The most important thing I have changed about myself is now I realize I am worthy as I am. All through my teens and early-mid 20s I always thought “Once I get fit I’ll be desirable. Once I get a great job, I’ll be valued. Once I do this or that, I’ll be perceived as worthy.” I am fierce, fun, and fabulous and that’s not just me saying it in hopes I actually believe it. I truly believe I am worth it and the only reason I still don’t have a giant ring on my finger is because I’m an enigma to men and they just don’t understand my brilliance.

I have opened my heart to more people and have become more patient in understanding others. I’ve always been stubbornly independent and hated asking people for help. Now I’m more accepting of help as it isn’t a sign of neediness or weakness. And I’ve become more accepting of people’s feelings towards me. I sought compliments so I’d be on the offensive. Getting unsolicited compliments made me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Now I accept it all and want to return compliments back 10x over. All of this is due to my new outlook on life and partially the 50,000mg of Vitamin D a week my doctor has me on now.

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