Meet a Member Monday: James: comfortable with being uncomfortable

I was in a state of morbid obesity and the realization that it wasn’t going to get better without help motivated me to make a change.  With encouragement from friends that are members, I trusted their results and NOVA’s reputation and reviews and dove in. 

At first I wanted to get in shape but then after awhile I saw a chance for it to become a part of my life as it had others at NOVA.  I had back pain and knee aches and heavy breathing doing simple things. I knew that was dangerous with my high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   Those things have gotten better. I have gotten more endurance and energy. 

The recent nutrition challenge we did together at NOVA has really given me hope for my long term possibilities.   I did not lose a lot of weight last year but now I have a much better focus on my nutrition along with my fitness.  I have done well with getting enough sleep, fish oil, Whey and Casein protein powder, ZMA and water.  I now am solidifying my water intake, foam roller use, my meal prep, my plate method, avoiding sugar and processed foods and eating lots of vegetables and less fat.  My cooking and grocery shopping have steadily improved. In the workouts, I am working on mental toughness so that I can keep moving well throughout the time period. I am putting more emphasis on the conditioning and endurance than the strength for now.  However, there are plenty of skills that I need to get or improve in time. I like that there is so much more to strive for. That keeps me coming back and showing up is really important for CrossFit.

 Right away, I was impressed by the sense of community, the amount of encouragement and positive energy, and the supportive professionalism of the coaches.  However, I wasn’t comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is an acquired taste. What has changed more than anything is my feeling of belonging, as an athlete, trying to improve, instead of an imposter who is a definite flight risk.    I really try to listen closely to the instructions of the coaches and I try to always be open to suggestions. I’m proud of my 335# Back Squat and  my patient consistency in exercise and nutrition/diet.  I feel better overall and know that these changes and improvements give some peace of mind to others that depend on me. They gave me more energy and a better attitude which has been good for my son and his mom.

Overall, I am trying to simplify my life to what is most important.  I am trying to build habits that can become automatic because my discipline and willpower alone doesn’t cut it.   I want to avoid injury. I want to push myself. I realized that I benefit from healthy competition and accountability and want to use that to my advantage for things that I need to do in and out of the gym. 

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