What happens next?

We have all been there. We make every effort to make nutrition and fitness a priority, then “life happens.” You get busy and all of a sudden, your good habits of meal prepping and setting yourself up for success are gone. You feel like you can never get back on track. So, how do you snap out of it? For most of us, we see a picture and can’t believe it. Maybe we had stopped getting on the scale because we didn’t want to face the reality, and when we step back on, we are shocked.

For me, it was a picture from a weekend. Like it or not, my body is my business card. I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach, but life happened to me. Several crazy busy months piled up. With the business requiring more time, a move, a few major house projects etc, meal prepping slipped through the cracks.

Snacks became cheese sticks and fruit from the gas station and was an effort to do the best we could with whatever our options were. While we try to eat healthy, we have no control over the preparation methods or portion sizes on our plate when we grab a meal on the go. Over time, it all adds up.

But eventually life let up, the excuses were gone. It was time to bounce back. Meal prepping started and lunches got prepped. Snacks packed and healthy breakfast options prepared. No matter how hard you work in the gym, you can’t out-exercise a diet of eating out. With a few months of diligent effort, things got back to a happy normal.

We all have our struggles. How you bounce back dictates how that chapter of your story ends. Maybe it’s a couple months off track, maybe it’s a year or two. No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late.

Find yourself an accountability partner, come up with a plan, and stick with it. The best advice we can give anyone is to get started doing something that will result in a healthy lifestyle. Maybe that means cutting out the soda, juice, and diet drinks and increasing water consumption. Maybe it looks like bringing your lunch or cutting out the fried foods. Maybe it looks like doubling your vegetable intake with every meal. Whatever it is, make a step today to help you achieve your goals.

What gets measured gets managed. Hope isn’t a method. But you already know all this.

What are you going to do to achieve your health and fitness goals?

Take action!

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