It’s Not Just a Gym, It’s a Family

In the hustle of the fitness world, it seems to be a numbers game. A free month here, prizes there, promotion after promotion to get people through the door and signed up. Whether they really commit to a healthy lifestyle and the facility is irrelevant. More members means more money, right?

Not for us. Since day one, our vision has been to create a gym family.

The true value of a gym like ours is to change the lives of others. You can’t do that if your members sign up and don’t come. What gets us through those long days and stressful nights of running a business is all worth it when we see our members hit a PR or learn a new movement.

That is why you will notice that we don’t run groupons to get a bunch of people in the door. There isn’t an influx at different times of the year. Every time we meet with a new potential member, we want to ensure that it is a good fit both ways.

Members that come to our gym will describe it in similar way. It is a family. We are tight knit. We support each other. We come to workout but the relationship is beyond a quick hi during classes.

Our vision will continue to be that of a small gym with committed members who care about each other. Members who offer to bring you soup if you aren’t feeling well, or help if you are in a bind.

At the end of the day, we would rather have 75 members that care and are consistently present at the gym, than 200 members who don’t show up at all.

That is what makes us who we are.

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