Going to the gym is a lot of fun… until it isn’t anymore.

Have you lost that loving feeling? Does it feel like a chore to get yourself to the gym these days? Are you dreading the workout of the day?

This happens to everyone (yes, truly everyone) at some point or another.

Here are a few ways to snap out of your funk and restore the fun in exercising again.

  1. Remove the pressure. Most of the time people are putting too much pressure on themselves. They want to be thinner, faster, stronger, leaner, more muscly, better abs, etc, etc. Non stop worry, guilt, and obsessing over these things steal the joy from your time at the gym. Stop fretting and start just  asking yourself to show up. Move well, listen to your body, and do what you can. Keep showing up and the successes will come.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to anyone but YOU! This happens all the time. People have unrealistic expectations of how they should look or how good at fitness they should be. Instagram and Facebook aren’t real life. They are highlight reels!  Keep your attention and focus on yourself!  Everyone is unique on the outside and inside. Focus on the cards you bring to the table and work to improve yourself. Are you better than yesterday, last week or last year? That’s all that matters.
  3. Control what you can, ignore the rest. Spending time fretting over things outside your control is futile and sucks the life out of you (and probably everyone around you). When you spend your energy controlling you, your attitude and your behaviors you focus on the things you can control and the changes you can create in your life. Consistency is a critical piece to help move you toward your goals. Show up to the gym. Practice a positive mindset and outlook. Make food choices that support your wellness. Go to bed.
​​​​​​​ Every day brings a new challenge. Give it 100% of whatever you have that day, at that moment. Ultimately, what happens to you is not what matters, it is how you choose to react to what happens that shapes your future!

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