At home workout motivation

Here’s a real answer to a real question from a former client I got this week. I see clearly that there are two types of people right now.

ONE takes personal responsibility. Their body, gravity, a backpack, something is better than nothing and they just get going.  In this process I’ve noticed they hit more total workouts, they’re more disciplined with their nutrition (being near their own fridge 24/7) and their body and mood reflects their attitudes and actions.

TWO is a victim.  They are the people on the couch right now feeling like they can’t do anything and they’re just stuck.

Below is a back and forth with a former client of mine who is struggling after several weeks with Either way, how to get a move-on and find a better daily workout rhythm!

My response:

Is there a reason you don’t want to come to one of our live coached workouts?  I ask because with 3 classes every day, all our members are continuing to working, get coached real time, and have the accountability and motivation of a set time on the calendar and real instruction just like we do at the gym.  I don’t want to oversell it, but the feedback is clear that people are working out more often, more consistently, and in some ways like it better than before….all to say, why haven’t you tried one?!?!

Anyway, if you want to buy a rower, they are concept 2 and they will run you between $900-1100

Before you plunk down that kind of money, I’d ask yourself if access to the equipment is really the difference? Is it equipment? because you’ve always had the ability to go for a jog or do burpees and air squats and pushups and situps and you’re asking me this because you’re not doing those things on your own.

People are struggling because they don’t have accountability, support, guidance, what to do  and a set time to do it…not the equipment….hope that’s a help and an honest thought before you throw down a grand of your money.  wishing you well!

Before you beat yourself up or buy more equipment you won’t use, book a Virtual No Sweat Intro so you can learn how we can help you thrive during coronavirus.  It’s really very easy with the right tools and resources and you don’t need any equipment.