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Long Term Progress Or Short Term Speed?

Written by Stephen Miller As many of you know, in late October of this year, I took a somewhat well-deserved vacation to California.  I started in Los Angeles, and eventually made my way up to twenty miles south of the Oregon border. I went surfing (successfully) for the first time, saw friends from the Marine […]

Helping others and being of service!

Written Taylor Self As a recovering alcoholic, spirituality is THE core of my sobriety. Without my ability to rely on, have faith in, and utilize a power greater than myself, I cannot stay sober.This is a fact of life that was hard accepted by me (a “stubborn, I can do it all by myself” individual). […]

Fly on the Wall: What I learned watching a World Class Athlete

This weekend I had the privilege of assisting one of our weightlifters, Elise Caron, as she competed at the American Open Finals in Anaheim. It was an awesome experience. She did an incredible job, making four out of her six lifts and placing well in her session.   Watching some of the best lifters in […]


Meet a Member Monday: Tim: Consistency is Key

Written by Mike Koehler: Starring Tim Helwege! Tim is a longtime member at NOVA along with his wife Susan.  He’s a Masters Athlete and also a master of Tailgate Barbecuing.  We caught up with Tim recently and asked him some questions on his CrossFit journey. Enjoy! Our daughter JP (a NOVA CrossFitter currently serving in […]

Monday, 12.11.2017

Warm up & Mobility Strength: Strict Pull-ups 2×6 Chin-up, chin over the bar hold: 2 max effort attempts Metcon: With a partner, complete: 4 Rounds For Time 4 Rope Climbs 30 Hand Release Push-ups 20 Calorie Row     *reps may be broken up in any fashion Box Brief **SAVE THE DATES** NOVA Strength Class-Nov 6- Dev […]

Saturday, 12.9.2017

Warm up & Mobility Skill: Handstand Pyramid, 15 minutes     *with a running clock     :00-:05: accumulate as much time as possible in a headstand (forearm or standard)     :05-:10: accumulate as much time as possible in a handstand (wall, bar, or w/ spotter)     :10-:15: accumulate as much time as possible in a handstand walk (w/ or w/out […]

Friday, 12.8.2017

Warm up & Mobility Strength: Low-Bar Back Squat 3×8     *60-70% of 1 rep max Metcon: 3 Rounds For Time 5 Front Squats 185/125 15 Wallballs 20/14 50 Double Unders/100 Singles     *If scaling, front squats should be heaviest possible unbroken sets of 5     *Squats taken from floor     *Rest 1 minute between rounds *Intended Stimulus:     -Strength: Uniformed […]