Rob: Looking and feeling good

Looking svelte in my suit for the wedding I’m attending this weekend. [READ MORE…]

Scarleth: Back to dancing shape

Growing up, I was very active. I used to be a dancer from the age of five up until College days, but then life got “busy” and little by little I drifted away from my physical activities.

I went through a couple years where I lacked that motivation to really commit to my health and wellness, but eventually it creeped up on me. I began to feel my body changing physically, and it started to affect how I felt internally, having an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle caused me to feel unmotivated, uncomfortable, unhappy and not confident in own skin. [READ MORE…]

Nalani: Losing weight and improving performance for rugby

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember but a year ago I was not content with my fitness level. I was at my heaviest that I had ever been and while I still played rugby I was missing something, so I decided to join NOVA Strength and Conditioning as a way to improve my fitness for rugby during off season. [READ MORE…]

JP:  Heading off to the Navy

As I’m leaving for boot camp I’m looking back on my fitness journey so far. [READ MORE…]

NOVA Crossfit

Ashlee: Wedding Dress Success

Before I enrolled in NOVA’s Boot Camp, I was frustrated on how I felt, how I looked, I felt subconscious where I didn’t want any pictures taken of me. And once my wedding dress arrived and it didn’t fit I was in full panic mode. [READ MORE…]

Grace: 6 months of work in 3 skill sessions

Grace has been a  member of Nova Strength and Conditioning for the better part of a year. She started out like many of our athletes in the 6 week Bootcamp and eventually made the plunge into CrossFit. She has been steadily progressing but wanted to kick things into overdrive so she decided to sign up for some personal training to really hammer out those tougher movements. [READ MORE…]