NOVA Strength & Conditioning Olympic Lifting Program Week of 8.10.14


By Adam Kosna

NOVA Strength & Conditioning Olympic Lifting Program for week of 8.10.14

reps x sets


8rm back squat — then (drop 10-15% x8)x2 sets
Power Jerk to heavy x4 — (drop 10-15% x4)x2
BTN PP Snatch Grip + OHS (4+4) to heavy set (can do clean grip if desire)

Perform the following in a circuit:
NOTE: This is NOT a metcon but a time saver/slight cardio
Dips x3 to failure (band if needed)
(x20)x3 overhead barbell walking lunge (20kg/15kg)
Hanging Leg Raises 3 x failure

Finish with Tricep Extensions with band on pullup bar, barbell, or dumbell. (8-12)x3


High hange + above knee + below knee (1+1+1)
*work up until first heavy miss, drop 20% and wave back up again to try and match or beat missed weight.
Power Clean to heavy-ish 4 and move one
*don’t spend too much time here, hit it and move on.
(Snatch Deadlift to knee x4 + Hang snatch pull with shrug x4) to heavy..stay here for 3 working sets.
*off Riser! or put some 20-25kg plates under your feet
*TAP-N-GO!! maintain form and focus on positions not weight.
RDLs (x8)x3 heavyish tap n go

Perform the following in a circuit:
NOTE: This is NOT a metcon but a time saver/slight cardio
Chinups x3 to failure
Back extensions or good mornings (x10-12)x3
Curls (8-12)x3
Band Pullaparts 3xFailure


Jerk to heavy (x4)x3 sets
BS (x8)x3 85-90% of Day1
Strict Press to 8rm, drop to 90% (x8)x2
HEAVY rack dip n drives (x8-12)x3
*focus on tightness and knees out! use blocks if you can. Should be well above your CJ

Bench to 8rm, then drop sets x8(x2)
Box Jumps (30″/24″) (x12)x3 *explosiveness, not just as fast as possible
Barbell sidebends (x20 total)x3


Muscle Snatch to heavy x4
*this is a quick warm-up, don’t spend too much time. get it done and move
Clean: (hip + above knee + below knee) (1+1+1)
*go to heavy miss, drop to 80%, wave back up again just like snatches Day2
Clean Deadlift x4 TAP N GO + shrug x4 to heavy complex 3 working sets
Pendlay Rows (x8)x3 to heavyish

Back ext or Good mornings (opposite from day2 (x10-12)x3
Wide Grip pullups x3 to failure
Hammer Curls x3 to gnarly pump


******NOTE: don’t expect to PR, although you may. Volume is very high this week and your body will be fatigued.
Snatch to max
CJ to max
FS to heavy double, then (drop to 90% x2)x3sets

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