Erin Sanzero


Certifications & Training:

Erin grew up in front of the piano, eating angel hair pasta and gravy (spaghetti sauce, to the unwashed) and learned to ride a bicycle under duress in the 4th grade for a school event. Weary of endless, aimless workouts at impersonal gyms, Erin gave CrossFit and Paleolithic nutrition a try. To her own amazement, she discovered the athlete within and her passion for CrossFit and the Olympic lifts was born.

When not lifting competitively or coaching, Erin is directing, teaching, or performing in a musical event, and she brings extensive experience working with children. Erin hopes to inspire children to make healthy choices for futures as healthy adults. Erin has a personal focus on fitness and good nutrition for young people and women. Through her nutrition consulting, clients enjoy weight loss and increased health and wellness.

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