I work out but wanted to try something new. Plus I needed to get rid of 15 + pounds of weight I had put on due to steroids after an allergic reaction. So I tried the Boot Camp and really found it to be different and energizing. The results were so wonderful that I decided to do it a second time but with my husband, who needed to exercise. Together we both lost weight, lost inches, and gained muscle. Now we both work out together on a more regular basis and are much more fit.

Katherine C.
Katherine C.Chantilly, VA

I had the most positive, wonderful experience being part of group 10 boot camp. I will continue to sign up for the next, and next , and next… Would not want to miss it. Fun, upbeat environment. High fives all around!

Connie W.
Connie W.Fairfax, VA

This is the best workout in the friendliest environment around! I looked forward to my Bootcamp classes every week. The group and coaches are very supportive. It has a team fell after the first week! Lots of gyms and Cross Fit can intimidate people, the Boot Camp is completely different!

Pam B.
Pam B.Springfield, VA

I really enjoyed my experience at Boot Camp. It was a great environment for people of all ages and ability levels. Everyone was so friendly, and I learned a lot about my health and fitness overall. It is a great supportive community and I would do it again!

Laura M.
Laura M.Fairfax, VA

As I’m leaving for boot camp I’m looking back on my fitness journey so far. The picture on the left is me in December 2015 at 215 pounds, the right is me yesterday at 178 pounds. I do want to give a huge shout out to NOVA Strength and Conditioning for being a supportive fitness family, both in and out of the gym, as well as Todd Tolosa. I have been doing personal training with Todd for the last month and have made leaps and bounds in strength and running. In the last 2 weeks alone Todd has helped me get from 37% body fat to 32% body fat and lose those last 10 pounds. I highly recommend both NOVA Strength and Conditioning as a gym and Todd as a trainer.

JP H.Springfield, VA

Before I enrolled in boot camp I was frustrated on how I felt, how I looked, I felt subconscious where I didn’t want any pictures taken of me. And once my wedding dress arrived and it didn’t fit I was in full panic mode. Enrolling in Boot Camp has changed my life in so many good ways in just 3 weeks. I am feeling more energy, I’m sleeping better, my clothes are becoming loser and as of this past Sunday I’m only one more inch before my wedding dress will fully zip all the way up.

Ashlee K.
Ashlee K.Fairfax, VA

Just got around to doing this. I just want to thank you for helping me change my life. You have created an amazing place that builds a sense of community and I am so thankful to have found you all. I really thank Lulu for introducing me to you. I’m excited for the next boot camp and will see you Monday at Yoga. Just wanted to say thanks for all your encouragement and support!!

Allison G.
Allison G.Burke, VA

Amazing experience! This was totally out of my comfort zone and I came in saying, I don’t run, I don’t really push myself, well after 2 boot camps, I ran a mile!! Erin and the rest of the coaches are incredible! You work at your own pace and the best part, you become a part of a community of like minded people that are working to get healthy and fit. I’m a bit of a prissy girly girl and I am so proud of myself after two boot camps! If you are on the fence about joining, just join!! It’s worth it!!

Kris S.
Kris S.Springfield, VA

This gym offers a wide variety from Crossfit to Olympic weightlifting.  Not only is there plenty of space to move around and get your workout on but the coaches are extremely knowledgeable giving the clients the  time and attention needed to reach your goals.  They understand everyone is different and work with you based on your individual needs and goals.  The community of the gym is fun, friendly and very diverse from ages (ranging from tweens to the over 40 + crowd) and sexes.  Everyone, regardless of current skill and ability, will feel welcome and sufficiently challenged in their workouts at this gym!

Susan W.
Susan W.Vienna, VA

Nova S&C is an awesomely spacious and well-equipped facility capable of catering to a wide variety of wants and needs.  CrossFit enthusiasts will marvel at the myriad equipment choices at their disposal–five Olympic lifting platforms with bars and bumper plates to spare, prowlers, tires, yokes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and so much else your heart may desire.  For those more inclined toward strength specialization, the facility is home to the Nova S&C [Olympic] Weightlifting Club and houses a Strongman training club–two niches you’d be hard-pressed to find filled anywhere else in this area.  Beyond the material attractions, Nova S&C also offers an intimate, supportive atmosphere and competent, enthusiastic coaching to boot!  The owners/staff really know their stuff and they want to see each individual athlete achieve their greatest potential.

Jordan B.
Jordan B.Dumfries, VA

Great training facility with top notch coaches and superb equipment.  This is a facility for weightlifters, crossfitters,and athletes alike.

When I started coming to Nova Strength and Conditioning, I was a decent strength athlete with a background in college and high school sports.  I had taken up barbell lifting, but was interested in competing in olympic weightlifting.  I had tried teaching the lifts to myself but I was not really getting anywhere.  Within weeks of joining Nova Strength and Conditioning, I had improved my total and gained a ton of knowledge regarding programming, technique and training in general.  Now almost a year later, I have lost fat, gained strength, won two competitions and I feel better about myself.  I have accomplished some goals, but still have many more that I hope to achieve and I am confident I can do so with the help of the coaches at Nova Strength and Conditioning.

Jose C.
Jose C.Arlington, VA

Want to share my thanks to Sarah and Erin. My quick story. I’m 10 mos post op brain surgery to repair a CSF leak. AKA water on brain. While I’m not in a position yet to resume many of my beloved heavy weight lifting and running. I can and have been able to increase my activities through a modified version of many crossfit moves. (Can’t strain the brain!  Sarah took the time to go over the basic moves and I’m able to join a class every now and then to make sure I’m doing them correctly. In addition She stepped me through the mobility stretches along with the proper ways to foam rolling. I’ve been faithful to them now for over 8 weeks and the neck pain I have from a minor bulging disc in my C-Spine is gone completly! Thanks to the trainers as well for their attentiveness, it shows as I watch the interactions they have with each of you. While I may not exactly be a member of Nova Strength and Conditioning, my daughters are. (I frequent a gym at my place of work and practice my newly taught moves three times a week, along with the dreaded walking uphill on a treadmill and some volume work with lighter weights. I’m slowly convincing my lifting buddies the benefits of stretching and have gotten bands and rollers for all to enjoy. From day one that my daughters joined NOVA S&C Erin and Sarah treated me as member myself. Whoop I’m now able to clean and press and am gaining back some strength I’ve lost. bam pow. Again thank you! Happy Holidays, i’m looking forward to what the new year will bring.

Angie M.
Angie M.Springfield, VA

This gym has great coaches that are professional and experienced.  They are very focused on ensuring that you learn to do the lifts and movements with proper technique, and that everyone continues to use good form during the workouts.   They prioritize keeping you safe, and making sure that you know how to warm up and cool down properly.

They are very good about working with you one on one if they see that you should be using better form, or pointing out a way to do the movement more efficiently.  They are committed to helping you meet and exceed your strength and fitness goals.

The space is huge, and there’s a lot of room to warm up and lift while classes are running.  The equipment is really good, and a lot of it is new.

The location is convenient, and it’s only a minute or two drive from the Braddock Rd exit off of 495.

Chris S.
Chris S.Fairfax, Va

Thank you very much. I appreciate all of you working with me!  I enjoy coming to NOVA CrossFit! Everyone is encouraging, takes the time to understand our weaknesses, educates us on mobility & strengthening techniques & truly has our best interest at heart!!

Thanks again!


Lisa S.
Lisa S.Springfield, VA