What our members have to say from home workouts to inside the gym…

I work out but wanted to try something new. Plus I needed to get rid of 15 + pounds of weight I had put on due to steroids after an allergic reaction. So I tried the Boot Camp and really found it to be different and energizing. The results were so wonderful that I decided to do it a second time but with my husband, who needed to exercise. Together we both lost weight, lost inches, and gained muscle. Now we both work out together on a more regular basis and are much more fit.

Katherine C.
Katherine C.Chantilly, VA

I had the most positive, wonderful experience being part of group 10 boot camp. I will continue to sign up for the next, and next , and next… Would not want to miss it. Fun, upbeat environment. High fives all around!

Connie W.
Connie W.Fairfax, VA

This is the best workout in the friendliest environment around! I looked forward to my Bootcamp classes every week. The group and coaches are very supportive. It has a team fell after the first week! Lots of gyms and Cross Fit can intimidate people, the Boot Camp is completely different!

Pam B.
Pam B.Springfield, VA

I really enjoyed my experience at Boot Camp. It was a great environment for people of all ages and ability levels. Everyone was so friendly, and I learned a lot about my health and fitness overall. It is a great supportive community and I would do it again!

Laura M.
Laura M.Fairfax, VA

As I’m leaving for boot camp I’m looking back on my fitness journey so far. The picture on the left is me in December 2015 at 215 pounds, the right is me yesterday at 178 pounds. I do want to give a huge shout out to NOVA Strength and Conditioning for being a supportive fitness family, both in and out of the gym, as well as Todd Tolosa. I have been doing personal training with Todd for the last month and have made leaps and bounds in strength and running. In the last 2 weeks alone Todd has helped me get from 37% body fat to 32% body fat and lose those last 10 pounds. I highly recommend both NOVA Strength and Conditioning as a gym and Todd as a trainer.

JP H.Springfield, VA

Before I enrolled in boot camp I was frustrated on how I felt, how I looked, I felt subconscious where I didn’t want any pictures taken of me. And once my wedding dress arrived and it didn’t fit I was in full panic mode. Enrolling in Boot Camp has changed my life in so many good ways in just 3 weeks. I am feeling more energy, I’m sleeping better, my clothes are becoming loser and as of this past Sunday I’m only one more inch before my wedding dress will fully zip all the way up.

Ashlee K.
Ashlee K.Fairfax, VA

Just got around to doing this. I just want to thank you for helping me change my life. You have created an amazing place that builds a sense of community and I am so thankful to have found you all. I really thank Lulu for introducing me to you. I’m excited for the next boot camp and will see you Monday at Yoga. Just wanted to say thanks for all your encouragement and support!!

Allison G.
Allison G.Burke, VA

Amazing experience! This was totally out of my comfort zone and I came in saying, I don’t run, I don’t really push myself, well after 2 boot camps, I ran a mile!! Erin and the rest of the coaches are incredible! You work at your own pace and the best part, you become a part of a community of like minded people that are working to get healthy and fit. I’m a bit of a prissy girly girl and I am so proud of myself after two boot camps! If you are on the fence about joining, just join!! It’s worth it!!

Kris S.
Kris S.Springfield, VA

This gym offers a wide variety from Crossfit to Olympic weightlifting.  Not only is there plenty of space to move around and get your workout on but the coaches are extremely knowledgeable giving the clients the  time and attention needed to reach your goals.  They understand everyone is different and work with you based on your individual needs and goals.  The community of the gym is fun, friendly and very diverse from ages (ranging from tweens to the over 40 + crowd) and sexes.  Everyone, regardless of current skill and ability, will feel welcome and sufficiently challenged in their workouts at this gym!

Susan W.
Susan W.Vienna, VA

Nova S&C is an awesomely spacious and well-equipped facility capable of catering to a wide variety of wants and needs.  CrossFit enthusiasts will marvel at the myriad equipment choices at their disposal–five Olympic lifting platforms with bars and bumper plates to spare, prowlers, tires, yokes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and so much else your heart may desire.  For those more inclined toward strength specialization, the facility is home to the Nova S&C [Olympic] Weightlifting Club and houses a Strongman training club–two niches you’d be hard-pressed to find filled anywhere else in this area.  Beyond the material attractions, Nova S&C also offers an intimate, supportive atmosphere and competent, enthusiastic coaching to boot!  The owners/staff really know their stuff and they want to see each individual athlete achieve their greatest potential.

Jordan B.
Jordan B.Dumfries, VA

Great training facility with top notch coaches and superb equipment.  This is a facility for weightlifters, crossfitters,and athletes alike.

When I started coming to Nova Strength and Conditioning, I was a decent strength athlete with a background in college and high school sports.  I had taken up barbell lifting, but was interested in competing in olympic weightlifting.  I had tried teaching the lifts to myself but I was not really getting anywhere.  Within weeks of joining Nova Strength and Conditioning, I had improved my total and gained a ton of knowledge regarding programming, technique and training in general.  Now almost a year later, I have lost fat, gained strength, won two competitions and I feel better about myself.  I have accomplished some goals, but still have many more that I hope to achieve and I am confident I can do so with the help of the coaches at Nova Strength and Conditioning.

Jose C.
Jose C.Arlington, VA

Want to share my thanks to Sarah and Erin. My quick story. I’m 10 mos post op brain surgery to repair a CSF leak. AKA water on brain. While I’m not in a position yet to resume many of my beloved heavy weight lifting and running. I can and have been able to increase my activities through a modified version of many crossfit moves. (Can’t strain the brain!  Sarah took the time to go over the basic moves and I’m able to join a class every now and then to make sure I’m doing them correctly. In addition She stepped me through the mobility stretches along with the proper ways to foam rolling. I’ve been faithful to them now for over 8 weeks and the neck pain I have from a minor bulging disc in my C-Spine is gone completly! Thanks to the trainers as well for their attentiveness, it shows as I watch the interactions they have with each of you. While I may not exactly be a member of Nova Strength and Conditioning, my daughters are. (I frequent a gym at my place of work and practice my newly taught moves three times a week, along with the dreaded walking uphill on a treadmill and some volume work with lighter weights. I’m slowly convincing my lifting buddies the benefits of stretching and have gotten bands and rollers for all to enjoy. From day one that my daughters joined NOVA S&C Erin and Sarah treated me as member myself. Whoop I’m now able to clean and press and am gaining back some strength I’ve lost. bam pow. Again thank you! Happy Holidays, i’m looking forward to what the new year will bring.

Angie M.
Angie M.Springfield, VA

This gym has great coaches that are professional and experienced.  They are very focused on ensuring that you learn to do the lifts and movements with proper technique, and that everyone continues to use good form during the workouts.   They prioritize keeping you safe, and making sure that you know how to warm up and cool down properly.

They are very good about working with you one on one if they see that you should be using better form, or pointing out a way to do the movement more efficiently.  They are committed to helping you meet and exceed your strength and fitness goals.

The space is huge, and there’s a lot of room to warm up and lift while classes are running.  The equipment is really good, and a lot of it is new.

The location is convenient, and it’s only a minute or two drive from the Braddock Rd exit off of 495.

Chris S.
Chris S.Fairfax, Va

Thank you very much. I appreciate all of you working with me!  I enjoy coming to NOVA CrossFit! Everyone is encouraging, takes the time to understand our weaknesses, educates us on mobility & strengthening techniques & truly has our best interest at heart!!

Thanks again!


Lisa S.
Lisa S.Springfield, VA

I’ve joined NOVA during my summers twice now for CrossFit and I honestly cant recommend a better place! The staff is so unbelievably friendly, welcoming and flexible! They really encourage you meet your own personal goals all while keeping good form 

Emily Anne
Emily AnneSpringfield, VA

I have been a member of NOVA Strength and Conditioning since August 2015. Before joining I attended a commercial gym and spent several months searching for a Crossfit box to join in the DC Metro area. I chose NOVA Strength and Conditioning because it was the only box to offer three disciplines (Crossfit, Olympic lifting and Strongman) and I am happy to say that I made the right choice. The facility is awesome and the equipment is top notch, but what really makes this place soamazing are the owners, coaches and members. The environment and camaraderie that you find here is really special and allows you to build the confidence and willpower to push yourself to new limits. The training, coaching and guidance are hands down professional and educational. You learn something new every day. Since I started coming here I have broken so many personal records and have put up weights that I never thought I could do. For those of you reading this review and are looking specifically for a Strongman training center, NOVA Strength and Conditioning is the premier facility in the area and has equipment that most other Strongman centers lack. The CrossFit and Olympic lifting programs are also top notch and I am excited to try Olympic lifting next. I guarantee that anyone who comes here once will be hooked and never look back at another gym/box.

Shabib  S.
Shabib S.Fairfax, VA

As a newcomer to crossfit without any serious athletic background ( the most I did was occasional running and yoga) , NOVA Crossfit could not have been more welcoming to me. I had fabulous coaches who put an emphasis on assessing my individual needs and level of fitness in every workout, or routine we did. I did not once feel lost, overwhelmed or discouraged. I would definitely recommend this facility for people who are looking for a challenging and encouraging place to develop fitness goals, with a wonderful group of people that support you along the way.
Erin, Sarah, John, and Lynne were awesome coaches

Definitely looking forward to coming back!

Steffi S
Steffi SAnnandale, VA

NOVA Strength & Conditioning has adapted their program to help me become the very best athlete I can be. They are the entire package! Their staff addresses fueling your body, one-on-one training to monitor technique so to avoid injuries. One of the best decisions I made for myself and my family – celebrating 1 year membership this month.

Susan P.
Susan P.Burke, VA

I have no words to describe how is this place changing my life. I’m so glad I took the decision of joining this amazing, caring and supportive team!
I’m so excited to start my life with my new crossFit fam!

Grace G.
Grace G.Springfield, VA

Finished my first boot camp and couldn’t be happier with my results! Going in I was very nervous but the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. All the coaches there go above and beyond to make you comfortable and motivate you to do your best. Can’t wait for my second boot camp !

Kim F.
Kim F.Burke, VA

It’s been a year since I joined Nova Strength and Conditioning together with my husband. We love the atmosphere, the coaches and our peers! We have learned so much about the sport, learnt so much about ourselves and about ourcapabilities, we’ve built a lot of strength and endurance, as well as a passion for this sport and all thanks to the great coaches we have that push us and dedicate their time and knowledge everyday! I highly recommend this gym whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or RX’d! We all start somewhere, and Nova Crossfit is a true definition of growth!

Cindy C.
Cindy C.Alexandria, VA

Not only is the group at Nova knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, but they are very welcoming as well. Great environment, well thought out floor plan, and plenty of room to get your bum cakes in shape. Highly Recommended!

Nong L.
Nong L.Springfield, VA

Finished my second Boot Camp and rolling into CrossFit now. I can’t say enough about NOVA CrossFit. I feel amazing, proud of myself and thankful for the amazing support and encouragement from everyone, especially the trainers. Highly recommended for anyone whatever place in your fitness journey you are at.

Brian M.
Brian M.Springfield, VA

Great atmosphere in which to get jump started. Trainers are engaged and helpful and they do well to keep the energy level high.

Michael S.
Michael S.Alexandria, VA

Seven months in and I just can’t thank enough the coaches at Nova. Super helpful staff, always concerned with correct form; I feel challenged but not pushed beyond my limits. Peers are also super friendly and will cheer and help you through the workouts.

Joyce F.
Joyce F.Springfield, VA

Great place, nice people, you get a good sense of community.

Fabio P.
Fabio P.Burke, VA

The coaches have built such a fantastic community around this gym. If you’re looking for a space where people care and want to see you achieve your goals, this is the place for you.

Kimmon W.
Kimmon W.Alexandria, VA

You know when you find that great fit…..this place is it! I have attended 3 boot camps and they have been amazing. My goal was to take a step back and enjoy life while not worrying what the number on the scale said! I wanted to gain strength and lose inches and that I have done tremendously! I was also not a runner ever and this course taught me how to run literally like a basic couch to 5K program…..and just today I ran my very first 10K the farthest I’ve ever run. I have gained strength of the body and mind which is most important! My kids are doing the exercises with me. I can’t speak enough about this gym and all they offer!

Nicole R.
Nicole R.Alexandria, VA

Wonderful gym family. They have all accepted me with open arms, pushing and encourage growth personal and physical. Bonus is its a small woman owned business!!! Support local!

Jennie G.
Jennie G.Wooddbridge, VA

NOVA Strength and Conditioning is not only the best crossfit gym but the best gym I have ever been a part of. Period. The staff is so supportive and they are all about the athlete and making sure they can safely complete the work out. This gym is so supportive and it feels more like a family than a gym. I would recommend this gym to anyone and everyone, they cater to all fitness levels.

JP H.Alexandria, VA

It is hard to explain or quantify what this gym has meant to me already, in the approximately one year time period during which I’ve been attending. I have always loved sports and have known myself to be athletic, but I’ve never felt at home or particularly comfortable in any gym. I had basically given up on gyms when my rugby team (myself begrudgingly included) did some work with Sarah, Erin, and their team of coaches last winter. The patience, attention, and coaching I experienced during those sessions convinced me that I could become a much fitter, stronger athlete and more effective rugby player, if I put in the work. I also realized that it is okay to have a little help; and the coaches and the community at NOVA S&C were just what I needed to learn more about how to work out most effectively to achieve my goals. I signed up for CrossFit and I haven’t looked back; every week I get to see one of my favorite people/coaches bright and early, to do the work I need and am excited to do.

So, while I can’t recommend Crossfit or gyms in general to everyone, I can recommend THIS GYM and these coaches to everyone, because they built a community here where people care about and look out for each other, and that’s what keeps me coming back– not the amount of equipment or programming (though they also rate excellently in these aspects as well).

In addition, I know many folks worry that with CrossFit comes the risk of energy– yes anytime you do anything athletic/exercise, then you do have that risk– but the coaches and owners at NOVA S&C are more than just nice, they are also sticklers about form, to ensure the safety of all athletes, but especially those of us who are still learning the techniques and body positioning.

In the end, it’s just a good place to drop-in at, check out, and see if they work for you, I hope to see you at the gym soon! It is very much one of my favorite places to be.

LuLu G.
LuLu G.Alexandria, VA

Young, Old, novice or professional. This place, these coaches have everything you need to reach a goal. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Angie M.
Angie M.Springfield, VA

This place has helped me discover my calling and has put me in an atmosphere with people who finally have similar interests as me. I look forward to coming here everyday, and further continuing my journey to becoming the strongest version of myself. My sacrifices made to come here not only made me physically stronger, but made me a more productive and balanced person. Very positive people, and an excellent gym.

Elliot A.
Elliot A.Springfield, VA

NOVA Strength & Conditioning is hands down the best gym I have ever been to.
I have personally trained at over a dozen different gyms for wrestling and NOVA is above the rest. There are no treadmills here, and you won’t notice it at first, but there are no mirrors to check yourself out either. This is an old school stone-throwing, log-lifting, rope-climbing, tire-flipping gym. The highly knowledgeable and motivating staff is there not only to run workouts, but also to provide knowledge on body development and nutrition for every individual with a goal in mind. All the gear you could possibly need is there for you to use for your Olympic, Strongman, Power lifting and CrossFit programs with the addition of yoga.
Over the summer of 2013 I went from 170 lbs. to 210 lbs. naturally and only gaining .5% body fat while training at NOVA. The training and gains I had made helped me place in high school wrestling regionals, win an Army ROTC scholarship, and contend for a place on the wrestling team at the Virginia Military Institute.
Results matter.
This is the place to get results.

Max S.
Max S.Fairfax, VA

Awesome place to train with great equipment and people

Toby P.
Toby P.Alexandria, VA

I feel stronger and better than I have for a long time. I still have a ways to go.

Tamekia B.
Tamekia B.Alexandria,VA

FWIW, can’t tell you how many comments I’ve received lately such as “you look the same as high school” and “you don’t look 50”  I seriously attribute it to my CrossFit experience and look forward to continued strides slimming down and improving my strength and fitness.  I brag on you guys all the time!

Mason B.
Mason B.
First time back at it in almost 4 weeks after some medical issues. I was totally surprised at how amazing it felt to be back and to get a good workout in. Thanks Grace for always checking in with me and encouraging me to come back ASAP. Thanks Taylor for a great workout 😀 😀 😀
Tracey T
Tracey T
Made a big step tonight and started to climb the rope (about 15 feet). I was planning to make a goal in the new year to complete my first rope climb but feel I will get there before then. Thanks to Stephen Miller for taking his time tonight to coach me up and encouraging me to push myself harder. Love my NOVA Strong coaches and family! Words cannot express how elated I am.
Mike D.
Mike D.

A couple weeks ago and in order to evaluate whether I was able to compete in SuperNOVA, I decided to start working with Taylor on two specific skills: front squats and squat cleans. My experience has been phenomenal; my technique and confidence have increased for both skills.

So how does this work? I simply scheduled a time with Taylor and spoke to him about what I wanted to work on.  The length of the sessions are based on your needs and can range from 30 – 90 minutes. He then designed my workout based around the two skills I was focusing on.  For example, to work on my front squat, one of the workouts was a front squat ladder.  We focused on form and tips for improvement (e.g. where and how to breath during the movement); things that seem so trivial but make a HUGE difference, and something I would not have known or thought of on my own.

While both of these skills can show up in either the strength portion or actual WOD for a scheduled CrossFit class, I could not predict when that would be nor how much time would be spent on it. I did not want to take this risk.  Additionally, I thought about possibly working on these skills during open gym.  However, I really needed to improve my technique and I could not do that on my own; I needed a coach to help me.

I have loved my experience with my skill sessions thus far and am still continuing.  These sessions can be used for any skill that you are working on and don’t have to be centered on weightlifting movements. When I have reached my goal for these two skills, I will definitely consider continuing on but focusing on something different!

Vanessa R.
Vanessa R.Springfield, VA

I wanted you to know, Lulu is amazing! Her personality, knowledge and attention are without a doubt inspirational to be better. What an asset to your team.

Lucretia W.
Lucretia W.Annandale, VA